Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mint-X Trash Bags - Repel Rodents and Racoons with a Fresh Minty Scent!

Check out these trash bags! They are Mint-X trash bags, which are made to repel rodents with a naturally infused scent of mint, which is safe to handle and safe to have around pets!

With the infusion of mint, Mint-X bags are said to repel even racoons, which is a help if you have a problem with them getting into your refuse!

Personally have a cat problem in my yard and the bag does not seem to have been able to completely keep those away, they are curious, but they do seem less insistent on trying to get into my trash now, too, which is an added bonus as I didn't expect them to have any affect on them at all!

The smell of the mint is very strong and when used over a few days, without swapping out a bag here or there, the scent builds up and really does eminate through the trash and cover up stinky oudors, which means that not only are you trying to keep away any potential pests but you are masking some nasty smells, too - this is particularly useful inour household with any diapers etc.

These bags whip out of the box in one, smooth go, are easy to shake out to full size and holds a substantial amount of waste without overflowing or fear of ripping with too much of a load - the drawstring on the top is perfect for less of a mess and less touching of the whole bag and is simple to lift out of your trash can and deposit into a larger outside bin or to place curbside, where by you should have less problems with pests trying to chew through them while you wait for the trash collector!

Personally, we place all of our indoor bags out into big bins that are not easily penetrated by racoons, but I have not had any issues with anything chewing through my bag on my bag porch since I have been using these, like I have had happen in the past!

I am going to bring you an update on our success with these over the next few weeks - but so far, so good, one week in!!

Not overpowering, safe to have in the home with kids and pets and they are durable! The minty scent is not for everyone, it could be a little overpowering, but actually I quite enjoy having that minty air than the smell of trash, especially at this time of year when the sun warms up the trash cans and makes the air a little less desireable! They get a thumbs up in my book!

Disclaimer: I was provided with these bags in order to use and test them out in my own home. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and my views are my own. Your views may differ. Thank you! 

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