Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ology - Cleaners and Home Care Look-See!

I was sent over some Ology products to try out recently in exchange for my honest review and to share with my mom friends. I had never heard of them before so it was a first for me!

Ology pledge to make a healthy, happy home and can be found at Walgreens and provide everyday household products free of chemicals and from renewable sources from toilet tissue to household cleaners, laundry detergent and dish soup, to name a few!

I had a chance to experience the 2x laundry liquid, the tree-free paper towels and the all purpose cleaner.

I had no problems with any of the products and the liquid detergent actually brought the clothes up nice and didn't irritate the skin of even the most sensitive of our children, which is a real bonus and just what I look for when choosing a detergent - gentle, yet tough and works like a charm.

I used the all purpose cleaner to clean down my sides and to clean out my refrigerator, which was a complete disaster zone and was a long-time coming! I sprayed it down and washed it out from top to bottom and implemented the paper towels to clean off any residue inside and on kitchen surfaces. The paper towels have also taken pride and place on the kitchen counter for the past few days and everyone has been using them without complaint and hasn't even questioned their source, which is actually sustainable bamboo, which means no tree-felling and a good, rich, quickly renewable source.

I usually use washable cloth or towels instead of paper towels but if I had to buy a paper towel on a regular basis for our home then I would definitely chose something like this from Ology as it is strong, last a long time and does make the task at hand easy and convenient. I still would choose the cloth option in my home, personally for the foreseeable future, though and that is just my personal go-to and what works best for our home.

The cleaner, which is not tested on animals, contains no dye or ammonia does just as good a job as harsher, regular cleaners that I have used in the past and I am happy with the results. It didn't take any extra effort to clean, no extra time and
no messing around. The price is comparable to other leading cleaners and it is definitely worth thinking about making a switch in my personal opinion.

The entire range is available at your local Walgreens and will cost from a couple of dollars and up! Well worth the investment and a positive step in the right direction for our environment.

Disclaimer: I was given products to try in order to give my honest opinion, I was not otherwise compensated for this blog post and your views may well differ from my own. Thank you! 

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