Thursday, 3 July 2014

Did someone say "Pee"?? A story of the surprise potty trainer!

If you are going to potty train your child and aren't quite sure when the "right" time is then my advice to you, after the experience I've had this week is simply to WAIT!

WAIT until the child is good and ready to potty train and they will do it - and again, and again.... My daughter will be 3.5 yrs old next month and she has refused the potty up until now. She also refused cloth diapers up until last week! I did, however, in a moment of awe, get her to wear cloth all last week, which was a huge change and step forward for her and I can't believe she let me put those on her as she considers them to be for babies as those are what my youngest son uses - never quite got there in time for my daughter!

Anyway! She made that HUGE leap to cloth and never looked back! THEN! This week, low and behold, she is using the potty, too! I can barely believe it! I offered it to her the one day and she sat on it and she actually pee'd for the very first time on there, which is something she would never have considered any time in the near or distant past! Once she sat on there and went the one time, she was up and running!

She didn't want to get dressed for the past 2 days and so I have let her wear as little as she wanted as long as we were both on the same page and actually put some clothes on to leave the house! She has been trying out her new big girl undies and she is getting the hang of those and she really seems to get the whole process already and it has only been 2 days - she even climbed up onto the actual toilet and used that, too!

We've gone from a fully diapered kid to an almost fully potty trained one in about 48 hours! It has been an eye-opening revelation of sorts and I am over the moon - as is she! I don't reward for going on the potty but I do praise and now that she has the hang of it I am not making it out to be a huge deal! if she needs to go, she goes and doesn't even tell me most of the time, which is even better! She is not prompted, she just feel the need and off she goes! Sure! There have been a few accidents but all in all, she is suddenly ready and it is working like a charm!

It really seems to be true that children are ready when they are ready, whether that is 2 or 5 or something in between, earlier or later, however they want to go - we all get there eventually so why put any pressure on them, just let them be until they start to show a true interest and you may even be surprised! I still have my daughter in a diaper at night as we are only now just on day 3, but it is going in the right direction and she will probably be completely out of diapers real soon, as long as it all goes to plan!

So take from this what you will and consider that it really is O.K to wait to train! if they aren't ready, don't get stressed or give up too easily but revisit the idea soon and you never know what might happen!

High five!!!

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