Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Give the kids a spoon...

My youngest son is now just shy of 10 months old and he is crawling, pulling up a little, eating and just about feeding himself and sometimes I am asked how that is even possible and sometimes a little skepticism and the magic question; "how?!"

Well, mostly, I just give the kid his spoon and let him get on with it! At the end of the day, if you don't give your child a spoon until they are 4, 10, 25 then how are they going to learn to use one!? It is really that simple - let them try.

Sure, they won't learn to feed themselves without causing a mess or without throwing things on the floor that might be a pain to clean up but every feeding becomes a learning experience and the more they try, the more they learn and the sooner they "get it" - in my experience, anyway!

Any parent who is like me who hands the child the food and pretty much lets them go ahead and eat will know that life gets sticky, gross and a picture in no time, but also that the process is well worth the outcome in most/many cases!

I am not an expert, I can tell you only those things that have worked for us and my 10 month old is happy to eat table food, is learning to use a spoon and takes everything a day at a time - he is strong willed and likes to try and feed himself, which helps a lot and I am happy to try him on new foods, fruits and veggies as they come up with each meal.

If you spoon feed your child for years or never let them try to feed themselves then of course they are going to learn that you feed them and they'll not develop the skills as soon, but that is alright, too! There is no right or wrong way to raise a child as long a they get there in the end and as long as the methods are safe and ethical.

Note: Never hand your children food and leave them along to tend to it themselves. Stay in the room, monitor your child and avoid choking or other accidents that can happen if you leave them to their own devices. They are learning and even if it looks as though they've mastered the arts of eating or drinking etc, you still want to be vigilant.

I would love to hear some success stories with baby-led weaning, self feeding, tips and tricks to teaching your children to adapt to table food and any problems you may have come across that might help other parents! Please feel free to leave me a comment, here or hit the contact us link up the top of the blog and get in touch!

Happy growing!

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