Friday, 29 August 2014

Why Buy, When You Can Rent Your Text Books, with Campus Book Rentals?

It is that time of year, once again, when students get back to "hitting the books" return to school for a new semester or head off to college for the first time.

If you are currently at college, enrolling soon, or even if you are taking up online courses,  then this is a great service that you might want to use to save money on much needed texts throughout your studies!

Educational resources can be a painful shock to the system and, before we ever set foot in a classroom, books and other necessities put a strain on the purse strings of even the most effective saver/planner and the bills keep on coming!

Reading lists for necessary book titles come rolling in every semester demanding big bucks from your wallet for something you're not going to get through the subject without and, if we are honest here, we all know that these books aren't going to be used much during, after or in the years following your set course or courses and perhaps little study at all will be needed from most of them at all.

SO! I ask you, why pay so much for course material when you really do not have to?

Well, Campus Book Rentals have questioned the same point and the answer that you will be glad to hear is that you simply should not be paying more money, at all and Campus Book Rentals have devised a simple, innovative solution for all of your text book needs and, better still, they want to bring this solution right to your home!

Designed in such a way as to make the acquisition of text books simple [yet affordable], with anything from a 40-90% savings on the average cost of any materials you might need, Campus Book Rentals offers up one of the largest selections of books in the nation AND Shipping is FREE - BOTH WAYS!

Not only do you get to enjoy discounted prices, but each book you rent can be held for a prolonged period of [set] time with a rather generous 15 day grace period in which to return the book if something comes up that hinders the return of the text in a timely fashion! Just hold on to the book for the duration of your semester (or however long you need - prices vary) then pack it up and send it right back! No fuss, no mess and no books gathering dust on your mantle for years to come! Great!

Benefits from using Campus Book Rentals also includes:

* The ability to gain access to live customer support
* Permission to highlight within each text book
* The option to purchase your books, should you decide that you would like to keep them!

By clicking HERE, you can take a look at the Campus Book Rental's website and note comparisons on prices of rentals to pick up books for your course of choice! The differences can be phenomenal and really save you that costly dent in your wallet every time you have to pick up something new for your studies! Fabulous!

There is so much more that happens when you use Campus Book Rentals and 'I wanted to bring to your attention, once again, that Campus Book Rentals also makes donations to Operation Smile every time you rent a textbook!

Operation Smile works hard to restore smiles to the faces of children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and/or palette and so, by renting with Campus Book Rentals, you are also passing along the savings in the form of a child's happiness and a wonderful smile! You couldn't ask for beter than that! You can find out more about Operation Smile, HERE!

For a closer look at Campus Book Rentals, take a moment to view the video [below] or head on over to their website to find out more! You may enjoy renting your text books so much that, throughout your education, you will never want to go anywhere else...!

Good luck, and happy studies! - MGB.
Disclaimer: This is a compensated post for Campus Book Rentals. All of my opinions are my own, honest opinions and your views may differ. Thank you!

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