Monday, 29 September 2014

System Hinoki Hair Care System for Thinning Hair - Product Review Update!

I spoke to you a little [before] about the System Hinoki hair care range, which is said to help rejuvenate [and thicken] thinning hair that might otherwise feel as though it has started to thin and weaken.
I  have personally been using the System Hinoki Hair Care System now for several months and I am, unfortunately, not the best of candidates for this particular product. I would, however, like to share my experience with you as [sometimes] a not-so-great experience with a product is just as useful to hear as a perfectly wonderful one!
- Please remember, these are MY own personal experiences and yours may well be very different, and a lot more positive. There were ZERO adverse affects with any other person using the products within our household and my husbands hair is doing great!
My Story: I switched my usual shampoo and conditioner out for the System Hinoki hair care system a couple of months ago and my first impressions were wonderful! I liked the smell, I liked the feel and idea behind the system. My first wash or two seemed fine and I looked forward to the long term results as my hair has changed a lot over the years and could use a little "umph" put back into it, which is why I took on the system.
After the first couple of washes,  though, my hair was left feeling a little dehydrated and dry, which I put down to the switching of shampoo and conditioner from my regular brand of choice - usually any time I switch it up a little it has the same affect and so I wasn't overly concerned.
As expected, after a few washes using the system, my hair was no longer left as dry as it was [the first few times] and it really did seem to be doing my hair some good and putting some life back into it! I followed the instructions to the letter and used the system as directed with all 4 elements from the shampoo and conditioner to the Hinoki Plus scalp conditioner and the leave-in hair thickener
"System Hinoki products contain pure Hinoki Oil from Japanese Hinoki Trees"

After a little while using the System Hinoki products, I started to notice that I had started to develop some small, dry, itchy and flaky areas on my head that were constantly irritated and I didn’t immediately connect it to the system as it was working well for me before then and my actual hair felt great, but I discussed my issues with the lovely lady who sent me the products and she gave me some sound advice and suggested cutting down on the Hinoki Plus and just sticking to the other 3 products, which I did for the remainder of the time that I would be using them.
Unfortunately, for me, the irritation on my scalp was still evident, even while cutting down on the elements of the system, and so I switched up my routine and used just baby shampoo for a week and didn’t add any extras or over-wash it and it is just now that my scalp feels like it is on the mend and not at all so irritated.

I cannot say, with certainty, that the System Hinoki products were solely to blame for my scalp issues as the weather was extremely hot and humid when I started with them, which could have had some sway in the irritation, and the weather has cooled down a lot now and my routine has also changed, which could have influenced the improvement. Nobody else in my household, who have also been using the products, have had any adverse reactions to the system, at all, and it might just be that I am a little more sensitive than I realized or that something else entirely was to blame for the irritation, but as it stands, for now, I have discontinued using the system personally just-in-case, while there are still no reported issues with anyone else in our home.
If you are looking to try out System Hinoki products, then I would absolutely recommend searching online for other reviews as there are many positive experiences out there, which I have come across while taking a look-around for myself at the start of the review/trial period and I have not found anyone with similar issues to mine, proving once-again that not very experience is the same and your experiences may very well differ from mine and so you should not be put off by my one review, but look for others for a well rounded opinion on ANY product we look at here.
If you are experiencing thinning hair and would like to check out System Hinoki for yourself, then head on over HERE to find out more and see if it is right for you!
If you have experienced System Hinoki for yourself in the past, then I would LOVE to hear from you and to get your views! Feel free to leave a comment or email us directly at our contact me button!
Until next time...

Disclaimer: I was given the System Hinoki products to review over a period of months, in order to bring you this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all views are my own, honest opinions. Your experiences and views on the same products may differ from mine. The purpose of this review is not to defame any product or to cast a negative shadow but to just put over 1 person's experience [mine] with a product that you may be thinking of trying out for yourself. You should not be encouraged or discouraged by my experiences, but do some research and see if products tested on our site are a good fit for you, personally, which they may be! Thank you!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Get a little extra, and give more, with Fashion Project!

If you love to shop, and love to give to causes across the board, then Fashion Project (.com) is a great new place for you!

With high-end, gently-used items for sale, is a shoppers paradise where you save big on your purchase and donate 55% of the proceeds from that purchase to a worthy cause like Autism Speaks or St. Jude's Children's  Research Hospital amidst others!

You can sort [what you want to buy] by order of charity that the item donates to OR you can simply shop by brand like Kate Spade or Coach., it is up to you! You can also search by size or condition but however you see it, it is win-win! It just couldn't be simpler!

So what do you do, you ask? Well! You just head on over to the website, browse the vast array of gently-used high-end items, pop them in your cart and save a bundle. Meanwhile, that 55% of your purchase price wings its way over to charity and you've donated to a good cause - you have also picked yourself up a bargain in the process, how wonderful is that?!

Want this Michael Kors Wallet for $99 instead of the $500 retail? It could happen, and does, with a whopping 80% off right now on this fabulous wallet, and more!

To find out more about how to give a little back as you save a little more on the things you buy, head on over HERE and get acquainted with Fashion Project, now!!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but my personal opinions are my own and remain true despite such minimal compensation. Your views may differ from mne, thank you!

Friday, 12 September 2014

A Look at Smart Stages Toys from Fisher Price at our #RSVPplaydate

Disclaimer: #RSVPplaydate sponsored by Fisher Price and Vocalpoint - all products were provided free of charge for this playdate. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and all opinions are my own, honest opinions based on our get-together. Your views may differ! Thank you!
Fisher Price [and Vocalpoint] #RSVPplaydate, with 'Mom's Gone Bronson' Moms!
Last week, we were fortunate enough to host an RSVP Playdate, via Vocalpoint, with Fisher Price utilizing a fabulous party pack, supplied to us, for free, along with a Target gift card for extra supplies!

The RSVP Playdate allowed us to get together a group of mothers with age-appropriate children to test out the Fisher Price products and to express their opinions on the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s Smart Stages™ Train & the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair , which are both toys developed to grow with your child as he or she hits developmental milestones that correspond with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of play on each toy.

The weather was nice for our playdate, which consisted of 4 mom's and 8 children, in an open park area with lots of grass and room to run around.

We set up the play mat [which came with the party pack] and a few sheets and blankets for comfort and laid out the toys for everyone to explore. We set up badminton, bubble chasing, soccer and more so that play would be vast and the interaction with the toys would be by choice as they came to explore.

While the children played with various activities, our mom group checked out the Fisher Price Smart Stages Chair and the Puppy's Smart Stages Train and gave their views on what they loved and disliked about each toy - mostly the thoughts were very positive, with the train being the most popular of the two toys with the grown-ups, which the children seemed to agree with!

While the Smart Stages Chair teaches children numbers, shapes, colors, songs and imaginative play [among other things], the Smart Stages Train was a giant success as it teaches colors, shapes, songs and sounds and imaginative play, as well, but also moves along as some of the songs are playing when you allow it in that mode and the children, of all ages, just love to see it go from A to B and sing along with its catchy tunes!

The 3 stages of each of these toys are 1 - Explore, 2 - Encourage and 3 - Pretend, working its way up from younger babies to older toddlers in ascending order. We found that even the older children love to interact at all stages but understood better how to interact with the toys, while the younger children were able to comfortably interact with the first stage and tentatively continue to explore through the next 2 stages as though exploring those too, until old enough to interact with them as intended.

The oldest of the toddlers was just as excited by the bright yellow, fun Smart Stages Chair as the youngest and the same with the train - sometimes I personally find that a toddlers best friend can be their younger siblings fun, bright and imaginative toys and these toys are certainly that, with an added bonus that they have the ability to provide that little bit extra for imaginative play at that latter stage.

All of our children and moms had fun at our playdate and we sent them off with a free goodie bag packed with freebies and coupons [also generously provided by Vocalpoint and Fisher Price for the occassion] and away we all went after a fun day out, imaginitive play and new experiences with Fisher Price's Smart Stages toys!

If you would like to learn more about these toys [and others in the Fisher Price Smart Stages range] then why not head on over HERE for further information and inspiration!

Already experienced some Smart Stages toys, then why not let us know what you think, below!
We love hearing from you!


Thursday, 11 September 2014

#Fitmadefun with LeapFrog LeapBands and CLIF kids Z bar protein bars!

On Saturday 6th September we were able to put together a "Fit Made Fun" party to showcase the new LeapFrog LeapBand watches, which are a fabulous way of encouraging children between the ages of 4 and 7 to get up and exercise more, while looking after their new pet friends within the LeapBand system.

For the get-together we were sent 2 LeapBand watches to try out and to show around and to keep, along with quite a hefty amount of CLIF Kid Z Bar Protein bars for children, which I have to say off-the-bat were a HUGE hit with everyone!

On the actual day of our get-together we were rained out and so we had to postpone until the following day but we did have a good, sunny day to get the children outside, moving around and interacting with one-another and getting excited about the LeapBands AND the CLIF Kid Z Bar protein bars!

We showed the kids that sitting inside watching TV isn't all that it is cracked up to be and they had a great time with bubbles, frisbees and other toys and we talked about keeping fit and getting themselves moving!

We looked at, and discussed the LeapBands and they were so much entertainment for the kids and they really do keep them entertained as they get to pick a pet to look after, feed it, wash it, play with it and make it dance! There is an exercise button that you can press, which tells your child to do said exercise for 10 seconds with their pet, which is designed to get the kids up and moving and to then be rewarded with jewels for their pet.

As time goes by, to keep the interest of the children, the LeapBand unlocks new levels and more pets for your child/ren to observe and look after and to exercise with! Lots of fun and with parental controls that allow you to control how many hours the LeapBand will function for, which then, in turn, allows for your child to pick it up or put it down when they think the pets are sleeping and to give them just as much screen-time as you might want to allow.

If you would like to find out more about the LeapFrog LeapBand then you can head on over HERE! Also, if you would like to find out more about delicious CLIF Kid Z Bar protein bars for kids, then head on over HERE for those!

Remember, keeping kids fit and healthy is about education and fun and so you could do as we did and take the kids to the local farmers market and start a conversation about what they eat and where it comes from as well as walking there instead of taking the car and talking about the benefits of light exercise. You can take your child on a fun adventure and take their pets along as well with their fun on-the-go LeapBand! Keep those protein bars handy, too as they'll keep everyone going no matter where you end up on your travels!

Getting together and getting outside was so much fun and the kids had a blast alongside the adults, too! Getting fit CAN be fun and you can follow the conversation now on Twitter with the #fitmadefun hashtag, anytime you like!

Get up, get outside and have fun with the kids!

Enjoy! We sure did!

Disclaimer: I was sent product in order to evaluate and inform. I was not otherwise compensated for my opinions, which are open, honest and my own. Your views may differ. Thank you!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Get a #flawlessfinish with Sheer Cover Studio Makeup!

Sheer Cover Studio Makeup! 

I have to say that as I have gotten older I have delved a little more into the realms of make up and this is the FIRST and ONLY make up system that has actually worked for me that hasn't left me looking slightly demented.

The easy-to-apply system consists of a primer, powder, bronzer and a fabulous lightener and blemish solution all-in-one.

I just cleaned off my face, as usual and spread the primer, as directed and let it dry before adding the powder foundation for my  skin type, which is ridiculously light by the way, and the blemish/mark concealer and a little lightening around the eyes.

Everything went on quick with no hassle and didn't feel cakey or dry and it looked like a match all over. Nothing felt heavy or pore clogging and it didn't look like I should be out on stage, it just looked natural.

An easy system with a clean finish and a truly flawless look when you get the shade to match your skin tone, this is definitely something that is going on my Christmas list!

Here is my before and after:

If you like what you see [and want to try it out for yourself] then here is a great opportunity for you!

To WIN a YEAR'S supply of #flawlessfinish Sheer Cover Studio makeup you can enter the Sheer Cover Contest that can be found HERE!

Let me know if you have tried Sheer Cover Studio make-up and how it worked for you!

Good Luck, and ENJOY!