Thursday, 11 September 2014

#Fitmadefun with LeapFrog LeapBands and CLIF kids Z bar protein bars!

On Saturday 6th September we were able to put together a "Fit Made Fun" party to showcase the new LeapFrog LeapBand watches, which are a fabulous way of encouraging children between the ages of 4 and 7 to get up and exercise more, while looking after their new pet friends within the LeapBand system.

For the get-together we were sent 2 LeapBand watches to try out and to show around and to keep, along with quite a hefty amount of CLIF Kid Z Bar Protein bars for children, which I have to say off-the-bat were a HUGE hit with everyone!

On the actual day of our get-together we were rained out and so we had to postpone until the following day but we did have a good, sunny day to get the children outside, moving around and interacting with one-another and getting excited about the LeapBands AND the CLIF Kid Z Bar protein bars!

We showed the kids that sitting inside watching TV isn't all that it is cracked up to be and they had a great time with bubbles, frisbees and other toys and we talked about keeping fit and getting themselves moving!

We looked at, and discussed the LeapBands and they were so much entertainment for the kids and they really do keep them entertained as they get to pick a pet to look after, feed it, wash it, play with it and make it dance! There is an exercise button that you can press, which tells your child to do said exercise for 10 seconds with their pet, which is designed to get the kids up and moving and to then be rewarded with jewels for their pet.

As time goes by, to keep the interest of the children, the LeapBand unlocks new levels and more pets for your child/ren to observe and look after and to exercise with! Lots of fun and with parental controls that allow you to control how many hours the LeapBand will function for, which then, in turn, allows for your child to pick it up or put it down when they think the pets are sleeping and to give them just as much screen-time as you might want to allow.

If you would like to find out more about the LeapFrog LeapBand then you can head on over HERE! Also, if you would like to find out more about delicious CLIF Kid Z Bar protein bars for kids, then head on over HERE for those!

Remember, keeping kids fit and healthy is about education and fun and so you could do as we did and take the kids to the local farmers market and start a conversation about what they eat and where it comes from as well as walking there instead of taking the car and talking about the benefits of light exercise. You can take your child on a fun adventure and take their pets along as well with their fun on-the-go LeapBand! Keep those protein bars handy, too as they'll keep everyone going no matter where you end up on your travels!

Getting together and getting outside was so much fun and the kids had a blast alongside the adults, too! Getting fit CAN be fun and you can follow the conversation now on Twitter with the #fitmadefun hashtag, anytime you like!

Get up, get outside and have fun with the kids!

Enjoy! We sure did!

Disclaimer: I was sent product in order to evaluate and inform. I was not otherwise compensated for my opinions, which are open, honest and my own. Your views may differ. Thank you!

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Cyndie said...

LeapFrog makes some of THE BEST products on the market for kids abd Cliff bars are a great snack.