Monday, 13 October 2014

Peace & Love March, 2014

Yesterday was the annual Peace & Love march in our area, which we have now been attending for 3 or 4 years! It is a fun, friendly event that boasts a group of like-minded souls that gather at one end of town, march through said town and then set up an afternoon of entertainment for everybody to enjoy and to just co-exist with one another without any malice.

Every year I see a sea of familiar faces, now, which makes it all the more fun and every year a few of us will take our children up there to enjoy the day and to get involve in the arts, crafts and physical activities such as poi or hula hoops, which my daughter just loves!

There is always a free "shop" for donating your goods for other people and for picking up a few gems for yourself, while you are there! This year I donated a giant bag full of baby clothes, toddler clothes and all sorts, which were in good condition (and in need of a new home) and it certainly left my house a lot lighter! In return, I picked up some really nice photo frames and a few bits and bobs!

There was a raffle this year, which I remembered to enter, but did not win anything on - nothing ventured, nothing gained, though and all proceeds go to help with the cost of the event, which I'd give to in a heart beat as I think more events like this one bring a community together, and show our kids something positive, which they really can use in this day and age!

We enjoyed a free meal, which went down well with the kids - well cooked and delicious, the food was, as usual and I didn't hear a single complaint! Who doesn't like to eat out at the park on a super-sunny day, with bands entertaining you and people having a great time in all directions!

My daughter is really coming into her own, this year, which shows in her sitting and making her own bead necklace and getting involved with the drums and musical instruments, as well as the arts and crafts. She still likes to stay close to me if I need to go somewhere, which, to me, is the perfect mix to enable her to explore a little, while still keeping her close and safe in a crowd.

The music this year was wonderful, as always and the many different bands played on well past the 5pm we were originally going to head home, but everybody was still having far too much fun and the band/s did not disappoint the attendees!

There were other stations around the park for free massage and the like, which, thinking about it now, I should have checked out a little more seeing as my back has been giving me so much jib this week - a little healing hand here or there could have made all the difference, but I may never know!

We look forward to this event so much every year and it just never seems to let us down - so much positivity in a peaceful and loving gathering that you can not go home feeling anything but renewed and hopeful.

Until next year!


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