Monday, 17 November 2014

Gifts that keep on giving this holiday season with GasWatch and SmartCharge™ #MGBHGG

If you are looking for something for the home-enthusiast this Christmas, or somebody who thinks they have it all, then these couple of items are going to be just for you!!

Do you have someone who loves to grill all year around and who might sometimes get caught short mid-way through grilling only to find out that they're out of gas in the tank? WELL! They can worry no more with this simple, yet extremely effective solution with the GasWatch propane tank scale/level indicator!

This accurate scale measures just how much gas you might have left in your gas tank and will let you know when you reach 20%, 15% And then 10% of your tank's gas levels by simple measuring its starting weight and keeping watch until zero! 

With its low-level alarm that warns you of the depletion of gas along the way, the GasWatch digital propane tank scale is light-weight, easy to install with no fiddly tools necessary and runs on just a few AAA batteries!

A great way to keep your favourite grill on top of its game, and monitor your gas useage, without having to spend out money on expensive gauges or necessities! No longer will you run out of gas mid-BBQ, ever again! Just slip the scale underneath your gas tank, follow the simple set-up instuctions and hang your indicator close by and you're all set - it is as easy as that - no running out mid-party to get that gas and no let-downs! Great!

You can check out the GasWatch digital propane tank scale, and see how it works by visiting the website for more information, today!

Also, speaking of not running out of an energy source, why not invest in some of these SmartCharge™ LED energy efficient light bulbs for someone this holiday season, too! 

With its ability to fit into a standard fixture, this LED bulb has its own battery, which charges when used like a regular bulb and stays on for up to FOUR hours, running on that battery, during a power outtage! 

You don't have to worry about finding a candle or a generator, the simple circuit is enough to keep the bulb on - you just switch off the light as usual to break the curcuit and disconnect the light - what a great solution to an age-old problem!! 

These are bulbs that you never knew you needed until you had them and no-longer had to sit in the dark in the middle of a storm outtage or power-works etc! A little costlier than a regular light-bulb but with SO MUCH MORE peace of mind and energy efficient, to boot! 

I got the chance to try one out and the light is brighter than the bulbs I currently had in my basement, which was an instant bonus! We placed it in the basement as that is where my husband spends a lot of his time and where we house our reptiles, who we would like to be able to comfort and care for if such an outtage were to occur. 

I was able to test the bulb and. sure enough, they do work in the instance of an outtage! You might not know an outtage has even occured unless you had a TV or some other electical appliance on when it happened because these bulbs are quick to switch over to battery power if they are charged. 

I think that these bulbs are very forward-thinking and anyone can benefit from them in the home - even one or two so that you at least have one room you can head for if the power should go out. 

Definitely add these to the gift-list for the guy [or girl] who already has everything, or is hard to buy for - or who just could benefit from a little light back-up in an emergency! 

Check out the story behind the SmartCharge™ LED energy efficient light bulb and pick some up, today, by visiting the website for your own  "lightbulb moment". 

Both of these items head on in to our Holiday Gift Guide for 2014 (#MGBHGG) and get a thumbs up from me!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to test for this review and all opinions are my own. I was not otherwise compensated for my honest view - your thoughts and feelings may differ from mine. Thank you! 


Scott said...

We just converted everything to CFL last year and now LED bulbs are reasonably priced. I like that they are instant-on, so I guess I'll be upgrading again!

MikiHope said...

I could definitely use a couple of those light bulbs in my apartment! I also know someone who could use that gas indicator.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I think these bulbs would be great for our home. Our bulbs are always wasting away and we spend a lot of money replacing them.