Monday, 24 November 2014

It is fun to play!! - Put the EzyRoller on your Holiday Gift List today!!

Here is a toy that I have to say you are ALL going to have so much fun with - so much so, you will want to buy one for everyone in the family - and they have you covered for that!

So, what is it!? It is the EZYROLLER - The Ultimate Riding Machine!

The EzyRoller is a simple, yet glorious machine that comes in 3 pieces, which you put together in about 1 minute, that looks like a modern-day go-cart, with 3 wheels, a comfy seat and a foot rest to put your EzyRoller in motion!

The EzyRoller works by pushing your feet on the front bar left and right to creat cambering motion, which pulls the rider forwards - a little like a snake might move!

The EzyRoller is great on a flat surface and we had our tester try it out on the flat linolium surface of our 30 foot basement! It is easy to get it into motion and even able to turn it slightly by veering to the right or left - though it doesn't go backwards, but that's O.K! If you have enough room to fly around in, you do not need to go backwards at all!

Available in a variety of colors [across the range], the EzyRoller is great for kids and teens from 4-14, or with a weight limit up to about 150lbs, though it will work for higher weights, the 150lb mark is used as a guided, tried-and-tested recommendation!

As a parent, I absolutely love the simplicity of the EzyRoller and the sheer joy it can bring to just about everyone in the family as I tell you that you can also get an EzyRoller with handle bars for younger children or larger EzyRollers for adults and others for "pro" riders and heavier duty needs for pre-schools and more! For the entire collection of available EzyRollers, why not check them out, HERE!

Retailing for around $99, this is one of those long-lasting, heavier duty, fun presents that your kids [of all ages] are going to just adore this year and rolls on into our Holiday Gift Guide with huge praise for playability! We absolutely LOVE it - I do wonder if the children will ever get to play with it with all of the adults around having their fun - EzyRollers for EVERYONE, I say!!

What are you waiting for!? Go check them out at their website, today! You can also follow them on Twitter for all the latest news, and visit their Facebook page!!


Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to write this review - all opinions are my own and your views may differ! Please ride responsibly, Thank you! 

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