Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Spiral Engraved Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes from 'Glass With A Twist' for the Perfect Gift This Season! #MGBHGG

If ever there was a good idea for a gift this holiday season, then a set of wine glasses or champagne flutes is always a solid option, if you ask me - and what better way than to pick up some personally engraved glasses from Glass with a Twist!

I just recieved a pair of Spiral Engraved Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes with high quality laser engaving and a fast as lightning turn-around and delivery, just in time for any occassion! 

I picked these glasses because they make a really special gift and I had them engraved with lyrics from a song at the end of a Charles Bronson movie called 'From Noon 'til Three', which reads:

"It's not how long the Spring, It's not how wide the sky, It's just how sweet the time between 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'..." 

This song at the end of the movie, written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman and sung by Jill Ireland, always brings a tear to my eye and is just very poignant as both Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson [who were married in real life] are both now no longer with us and that is just a perfect little moment of the two of them caught on screen. 

As avid Charles Bronson movie enthusiasts, this is the perfect gift for my husband and I and that is the reason I had them engraved.

When the glasses arrived, I was incredibly excited and I was not at all disappointed! They came well wrapped and secure and in nice, fresh, clean condition with precise engraving just as I has asked! The letters were in a font that I had requested and not underlined - though underlining is an option if you prefer!

The lyrics were enough to wrap neatly around the glass and, honestly, I couldn't think of a better looking little glass - twisted stem and all - from company to my door in just a few days!

The cost of these glasses is $13.95 per glass [when you buy two] and the price goes down with the more glasses you buy, which makes for great additions to a table if you are buying for a large crowd, using as keep sakes at a wedding or other special occasion, while still presenting a very good price value per glass even when you are just buying a couple as a personal gift!

I can't fault these glasses, the company or the service, at all! Just wonderful and well worth checking them out over at their website, Facebook and Twitter, where you can keep up with their latest news and get to designing something fabulous of your own, from wine glasses to shot glasses, these flutes [which you will find GREAT for sparkling apple cider by the way!] and more!

**These glasses make an appearance in Mom's Gone Bronson's Holiday Gift Guide for 2014 and you can follow that guide with the hashtag #MGBHGG on Twitter and social media all season long! 

So! What are you waiting for? Check them out today, and do let me know what kind of occassion you would love to pick these up for, or if you have purchased from them before! We love to hear from you!!


- Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post with 2 glasses, but all opinions of said glasses and service are my own, honest opinions and your views and experiences may differ. Thank you!


Cyndie said...

The glasses are absolutely beautiful and I would love to have a pair to bring in the New Year!!

Scott said...

That really isn't a bad price considering the personalization. They look fab too!

MikiHope said...

I know the perfect couple I could gift these to--however they would have to be kept out of the hands of the husband--he tends to break glasses!

Erika Awakening said...

It's always nice to have some truly beautiful champagne glasses on hand. They look gorgeous.

Melissa Vera said...

What a beautiful set of champagne glasses. I love that you chose to personalized it with meaning for you and your husband.

Melissa Vera said...

What a beautiful set of champagne glasses. I love that you chose to personalized it with meaning for you and your husband.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

These champagne flutes are really beautiful. I would love to receive them as a gift for the holidays.