Monday, 24 November 2014

Upcycle your way through the holidays with Terracycle!

Disclaimer: I was given product in return for this review though all thoughts are my own - your views may differ! Thank you!

I shared Terracycle with you earlier in the year and [this gifting season] I would like to share them with you again! I think they are a great way to gift something that has meaning, while helping the earth out a little in the process!

Terracycle is one of those wonderful placs that takes donations of non-recyclables like juice pouches and turns them into functional goodies to keep those pouches, containers [and more] our of landfills!

Terracyle first let me showcase some of those [aforementioned] upcycled juice boxes and a tablet case that was/is made from an old mail sack, right from the post office! 

What better material than an all-weather mail bag to keep those goodies safe on your travels - what more could you ask for? Well, how about a coin-purse, upcycled from a mail sack, too!? 

This adorable little coin-purse is dainty enough to slip into most sized bags [and back pockets] and is a great way of protecting your money on-the-go! Great for men, or women of all ages and is very versatile as it is a mostly neutral color! 

You can find these cute, handmade [and unique] coin purses/pouches HERE for $14 a piece and my daughter especially likes to use hers to carry around her smaller toys that would otherwise fall out of her pocket without a sound!

I love the idea behind Tterracycle and encourage you to check them out on Facebook and Twitter, today!

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