Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Are Chiropractors Like The Dr Gil Center for Back, Neck and Chronic Pain, The Way Forward?

I have not yet set off to try out a Chiropractor, yet I HAVE suffered with severe back pain for as long as i can remember - back before I had any children and way back before I considered myself an adult!

The aches and pains would come and go and I would be lain up in bed for days and it would eventually desist on its own. I put it down to being hereditary or weight related but it was never permenent and so I never had the chance to get it "fixed" before it would clear away on its own.

As I have gotten a little older, though, the pain in my [lower] back has come back with a vengeance every now and then and those days that I would be out of commission have turned into long weeks of chronic, mind-numbing pain that is relieved with some over the counter pain medicine or with a few days of taking it easy and riding it out! 

However, the pains that I had through my last pregnancy [and since] had increased to a point where alternate ideals and applications had to be sought for future reference and my insides have really called out for a little extra love and maintenance on my back and it has been recently that I have thought about seeking the advice of a Chiropractor from an institute such as the Dr Gil Center!

The Dr Gil Center especially deals in neck, back and chronic pain relief and so it is a great resource when looking to figure out what the cause of your pain might be and then follow up with the ability to provide care as needed through that facility. 

I like that the Dr Gil Center not only treats you at their facility, but they are happy to discuss alternative, natural treatments and steps that you can take at home to improve your situation without jumping head-on into services that you may not otherwise need! 

If you are in the Franklin, TN area and are in need of Chiropractic support, then this may be the place for you! They have offers on their website for customers and an extensive google rating guide with testimonials from current and former customers to help you make the best decision for you! 

I have certainly learnt that letting back pain get worse without looking to other treatments or at least having a consultation is not particularly the best route to take and that if something is bothering you then it is worth having it checked over before it gets worse to a point that it might not be reversible or treatable at all!

With advanced technologies and knowledge for healing, the right chiropractor can really make all of the difference to your prognosis and eventual healing!

These days, at 35, I am no spring chicken but I still have a lot of life in me yet though sometimes even the most menial task like lifting and shifting something might set off a bought of pain or longer-term discomfort and so I do think thinks through before I do anything that could at all put me at risk, though it is now time, also, to persue those other avenues to make sure that I am at my best for the forseeable future! 

If you have had any dealings with Chiropractors or are on the look out, then I would love to hear your experiences!!

If you would like more information on the Dr Gil Center, mentioned in this post, then you can find them HERE! You can also follow them on social media, of which links for such can be found at the main website!

How long have you suffered from back pain? What worked for you? I would love to hear from you! I would love to avoid any more days out and be ready to act when it happens again!! 

Stay well, and lets talk about it!


This was a sponsored post for Dr Gil Center, but thoughts and experiences are my own. Thank you!

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