Monday, 22 December 2014

Get Organized as a Family with the Hapimomi app!!

Here is an app that I think you are going to enjoy, and find extremely useful for getting organized and for private sharing between family and your closest friends, instead of having to open up to the world [as you might] on some social media sites.*

A privately shared, family calendar of evets in your pocket, Hapimomi [I think] is a great app, which allows you to get organize within your family - there is a calendar feature, which is easy to utilize and posts reminders on your "wall". I like that when you post an event or blurb that it allows you to either post privately on your own personal calendar or in the family calendar for those within the family to see, as well!

Have a grocery list? Write it down just the once and share it through the app - no more duplicate lists for groceries, to-do's or anything else, it is all there to access by those in your small, immediate circle! Share photos, bills that need to be paid, appointments that have to be kept [and more] in the privacy of your own little family network!

The contacts feature really shines through, too - with its assorted tabs, where you can input family doctors numbers in the health tab and insurance numbers in the insurance tab and then the usual friends and family in the friends and family tab! Better still! You can browse all of the above at the same time, through all categories at once, too if you prefer, which is a nice option to have!

There are many useable features on a free download, which is a nice step forward in comparison to some similar apps that I have tried in the past and you do not feel pushed to upgrade or to purchase anything at all.

If mom AND dad want to take care of the family together and co-admin then you can add extra to the admin list, too, no probem! You can run errands, organize parties, events, outings and more without having to jot down notes for the etire household to lose - information and direction is all RIGHT THERE, in Hapimomi!

I think that the overall set-up of this app is smooth and easy to use, which allows its functionality to shine through and makes sharing with the family just that little bit easier, which is the main goal of Hapimomi and one that I feel it does well!

You can check out Hapimomi and get the latest version [via iTunes] by clicking HERE to find out more!

If you have had experience with Hapimomi in the past, I would love to hear from you - and if you are about to give it a go for the first time, I'd love to hear your thoughts, too! I do not think that you will be disappointed, at all!

Happy organizing!

*disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Hapimomi, in which I share my thoughts and feelings abou the app in question. All opinions are my own and your views may differ. I do not make any money when you download the app! I am sharing the app with you because I truly think you are going to love it! Thank you!

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