Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Get Stying This Holiday Season, With Instyler Products For Your Hair! #RSVPInStyler #GotitFree

I was given these items free, to test and tell you how I felt about them, thanks to the RSVP/Vocalpoint program and Instyler. All opinions are my own, thank you! 
My hair has always been a struggle to style and manage, it seems as though I am always blow-drying, straightening, curling, you name it, I've given it a try! See, my hair isn't curly but it isn't naturally straight, either and so I am suck somewhere in the middle with a while to go!

This past couple of weeks I have had the chance to try out some InStyler hair products, which include the Ionic Styler Pro, TULIP Auto Curler and the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron.

The InStyer Ionic Styler Pro is, in essence, a hot brush and straightening iron combo, which allows you to create straight looks, add shine plus volume at the roots. It is great for just about all hair types when using the flat iron but suggests that the hot brush might be even better on shorter, thinner hair.

I honestly did not have much luck with the Ionic Styler Pro because my hair is just too thick and difficult to manage with the brush getting in the way, but I do like the idea of this product! I have friends who swear by it and so I can't give it a bad rap because not everybody agrees with me and because sometimes, hair tools of one kind or another are just better on different styles of hair - in this case, I just do not have the right hair for it!

As for the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, I LOVE this product, I really do! It works wonders for my hair, which is thick, wavy, messy and sometimes near untamable! With several heat settings up to 425 degrees F, I found it best to somewhat dry my hair with a hairdryer and some product then to use the Max 2-Way Rotating Iron to finish straightening and smoothing the hair out. It took a little work to get used t as it is a tad awkward at first but once you find your stride with it, it actually works better than a traditional straightening iron!

Here is my hair! It gets very wavy and curly and I usually just throw in some mousse and leave it!

Here is my hair after blow drying it and using the Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron:
This is probably the flattest and shiniest my hair has been in a while! The bright light also brings out the color and you can see how the volume of my hair is minimal!
Finally, we have the one product that most intrigues me! This is the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler "wand" that allows you t place a little hair into the device, press a button, have it wrap the hair around he hot barrel and sit for several seconds before releasing and leaving behind a rather neat curl!

There are several heat settings so that you can create tighter or loose curls as you desire and there is a hair measurement device that allows you to put just the right amount of hair in the wand at one time. There is a safety barrier around the top of the wand that keeps you from burning yourself and all-in-all this is a great looking device!

The TULIP Auto Curler has 3 rotation settings for curls - left, right or alternating. It can leave you with tight curls, soft curls or beachy waves and is best with naturally straight/wavy hair, Thin to medium textured hair and naturally wavy hair that has been blown dry before use!

I tried this on my own hair and because it is so long and tricky I didn't have as much success at first as I would have liked - BUT! As you get used to how it works, it does get easier! I had more immediate success on my daughter's hair, which is thinner ad shorter and which took a LOT less time to curl and manage!

I would definitely recommend having a friend help you out with the TULIP Auto Curler as when you get to the back of your head it gets very annoying trying to juggle the curler and your hair, but it goes so much smoother and faster with a helping hand!!

So, in conclusion, I do love all of these products but the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro was not the best for my hair type. My personal favorite, by far, is the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, which is closely followed by the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, which is a great styling tool if you have a helping hand!

If you would like to find out more about any/all of these products, which would make for great gifts this Christmas, then why not head on over HERE to see more! Best of all, if you would like to purchase one of these (or all of these) products, while you are there, then there is currently a 30% discount available, when you purchase TWO tools, to save you a pretty penny this season! Just enter the coupon code: SAVE30 (which is good through to 1/31/15) at checkout and you're all set!

Happy Styling!!

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Your hair looks great! Would love to see a pic of your daughter! Thanks