Monday, 8 December 2014

Start a New Tradition This Christmas with Reindeer Dust, by Kate Dwyer!

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Reindeer Dust for evaluation purposes only. All opinions here are my own and your views may differ. Thank you!

"Sensing trouble, William formed a smart plan: "Let's make Reindeer Dust!" And so it began..."

My children and I have started a new tradition, this year, thanks to this wonderfully sweet book called Reindeer Dust, by Kate Dwyer.

Reindeer Dust takes us on a rhythmical journey through Christmas Eve, as Santa and his reindeer get ready to deliver presents to the chidren across the globe - there is one problem, though! The reindeer didn't have time to eat before they left and they are all hungry AND there is a fog coming!!

Just as the reindeer are ready to give up, and head home, a smart little boy named William saves the day with his reindeer dust!

This is a wonderfully illustrated, happy and fun book for children of all ages and includes a recipe in the back to make your own reindeer dust on Christmas Eve, which you sprinkle outside for the reindeer to find and to direct Santa on where to land!

As you are sprinkling your dust, there is a poem to be read to make it even that much more special! A nice touch to round out the book.

Such a great way to breathe a light-hearted and no-strings-attached tradition into the holidays, with a short enough story that it never gets tiresome reading it over! My children can't wait to go outside and sprinkle their own Reindeer Dust and, to be honest, I am quite excited myself!

You can check out Reindeer Dust at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon and you can find out more by following on Facebook and Twitter as well as visiting www,

A new tradition, this Christmas, is born!


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