Thursday, 22 January 2015

Justified Season 6: Episode 1...Fate's Right Hand...

Holy gosh, the new season of Justified is on the move and and it opened with a, well... "bang!"

I can't believe how much tension and drama they bring to the table in every single episode, but I do so love this show and am both thrilled and destroyed to see it in its last season!

I am glad it is ending this year, mostly because a good show shuts itself down with a full cup and wraps everything up, while a not-so-great ending arrives when a show goes on for 3 extra seasons with only 1 season's worth of story just because it wants the paycheck, so! Well done, Justified, I applaud you for getting things done and look forward to this one last hurrah!

Welcome back to one of my favorite casts, with heartbreak, mayhem, awkward silences and heart-stopping hits right out of the gate!

Go  get 'em, Raylan! But do give us a dance, first!

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