Saturday, 17 January 2015

Meadow Kids - Pirate Pete and Pencils & Stencils Kits for Children to Learn and Play!

Meadow Kids!

(Disclaimer: I was provided the following kits, free for review. All opinions are our own and your views may differ, thank you!)

Designed to stimulate cognitive development and interactive, family-lead learning, Meadow Kids is one of my favorite places to pick up creative and fun toys, arts, crafts and games for children of all ages and so when I was given the opportunity for a review I of course said yes!

I was sent a Pencils and Stencils Pack, for girls, which is pink and frilly with everything from cup-cakes to butterflies and all things you might consider to be sugar and spice! 

My daughter absolutely loves to draw and to get creative and this pack absolutely encourages that! In fact, the bag folds out to show 3 slots worth of goodies, including the pencils, erasers, plain paper and many stencils!

My daughter is going to be 4 in a couple of weeks and she is already very well along with a penicl and paper and so this is the perfect fit for her and it keeps her off of all the possible technology she could be using, instead, which is a good thing for her vision and concentration!

My son got to try out this Pirate Pete bathtime set, which is just perfect for him as one of his favorite things to do is to play in the tub and, while he IS in there, he now has this wonderful little set of a book and 3 squirty pirate themed toys, including a cannon, treasure chest and pirate pete, himself!

The book is soft and bathtime-proof and has a cute little story about Pirate Pete, which I have read to my boy before bed or through the day and then handed him to look at for himself while in the bath. He loved the water squirters andt they make bathtime just that little bit more fun and a definite interactive-learning experience!

Now, I know I have specified that these are for girls or for boys, but honestly, my sons would happily play with the pink stencils and pencils and my daughter is happy to play with the pirate toys and so there is no right or wrong gender for these, but they do make wonderful gifts all around!

Meadow kids has so much to offer from books to toys, crafts, bathtime letters and puzzles and so much more that you will surely find something special to fit every occassion! 

To find out more about who Meadow Kids are, and to check out their goodies for yourselves, why not visit their website, HERE or follow them on Twitter, too! You will also find links for Facebook, Youtube, Blogger and Pinterest on their homepage, when you land!

Fabulously designed, fun and friendly interaction for everyone! I am an absolutely smitten fan! Check them out, today!


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