Friday, 23 January 2015

Mean Green Cassarole with Cous Cous! #Recipe

Here is a really quick dinner, or side, which you can make with no fuss or hassle and serve up to the masses!

I call this a Mean Green dinner, which consists of a spaghetti squash, green beans, sprouts, collard greens, a beshamel sauce, cottage cheese, italian breadcrumbs and a little touch of mexican cheese to finish it off - I plated this with a side of spinach cous-cous!

Sounds  like a real mouth-full, I know! BUT! It was delicious and so worth the effort and tongue twister!

So what do you do?! Well, if you are anything like me, you will want to riffle through your fridge and see what veggies you have hiding in there and whip them out on the side and plan this dish around those - any veggies will work and so don't be affraid to give it a try!

For this dish I grabbed a medium sized spaghetti squash and threw that in a pan, in the oven for an hour - you don't have to do anything to it at all, except pierce it a couple of times and throw it in and leave it!

While the squash was cooking, I put green beans, sprouts and collard greens in a pan of hot, boiling and salted water to cook down to a little soft-but-crunchy!

Once the greens are cooked, drain them out and leave them on the side, while you make your sauce!

Within the hour, your spaghetti squash should be cooked and you'll know that it is when you can slice through it with ease!

Scoop out the seeds and then grab a fork and scratch at the insides to rake them out - they will look spaghetti-like if cooked properly, but don't be scared to throw it back in the oven for another 10 minutes if you're having a tough time with it the first time over!

Now that you have your spaghetti squash and greens ready to go, you are going to work on your sauce!

The sauce is a simple bechamel sauce (milk, butter, flour to thicken) with an added cup or two of cottage cheese! I don't have measurements because I cooked this on a whim and by eye and so just go with it and make it how YOU prefer!

Now take your veggies and squash and mix them into your sauce and work it through! Pour the entire mix over to a cassarole dish and put everything else aside!

Top this dish with italian breadcrumbs and grated cheese - or nothing at all, if you would prefer - and cover with foil and place in the oven for 10 minutes to finish it off!

Serve this cassarole with a side of cous cous or rolls, or over baked potatoes - the options are endless and you're going to love your greens!


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Natalie said...

This recipe looks really tasty. I will have to make it!