Sunday, 4 January 2015

Run into the New Year with the IQ Pet StarWalk Fitness Tracker for your favorite, furry friends!

This is the IQ Pet StarWalk!! 
(Disclaimer: I was given a StarWalk to review, all thoughts are my own and your views may differ, thank you!)

The Starwalk is a tiny little device that fits into the palm of your hand, which attaches to your dog's collar and monitors activity you take with your pet, via a downloadable app - a little like a Fitbit, but for your favourite pooch!

The IQ Pet StarWalk is available in black or white and utilizes bluetooth technology to sync with the owner's device to track fitness, to reach goals and to even remind you of vet visits or important dates via a blinker system, too!

The IQ Pet StarWalk is light, durable and does not bother your pet! The app for the device is free and it really can motivate you to pick up a little pace or to generally monitor yours/yourpet's fitness over time - the light on the IQ Pet StarWalk also serves as a nightlight on late walks, which is always an added plus and it really isn't too expensive at around $99.

If you are anything like me and you want to start off the year with a fitness kick, and you have a little furry buddy to take along, too, then the IQ Pet StarWalk might be just the ticket for you! 

I personally love how easy these are to use! It takes no time at all to install the app and the StarWalk itself attaches to your pet's collar with ease! It is easy to connect to your device and really very easy/comfortable for a dog to wear and actually just having it there is a booster to getting outside and getting something done!!

You can find the IQ Pet StarWalk HERE at their website and you can visit them on Facebook , too!

Note: The StarWalk application is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, Android 4.3 and up and iOS 7.0 and up.

Run on into the New Year! 


(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

I bet my Daughter would like this for her dog. I know it doesn't get enough exercise... especially in the winter months.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

This is a great way to keep track of your pet's fitness goals for the new year. I wonder if our dog gets enough exercise.

Donna L. Ward said...

Wow - it seems I do need this and sounds easy enough - thank you!

Holly S. said...

Wow! I had no idea this even existed, or was a thing!!! Very cool though if you have an overweight pet.

Jen Schneider said...

I've considered putting my fitbit on my dog. ;) Haha! Love this idea though.

Lesley said...

WOW! I want one of those. I need something to motivate the dog to come walking with me ;) LOL No seriously though, my husband would get a kick out of this for sure and that might motivate him to get off his football watching butt and come walking with me.

debdenny said...

I have never heard of this for pets. What a neat device.

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