Friday, 16 January 2015

Suds to YOU! - Laundry Gone Wild!

I am starting to detest not having a washer at home! I haven't had one since we've lived in our current appartment, and I honestly don't mind hand washing or going to the landry place to get it done because clothes won't wash themselves and I do what I need to do to make sure we've got nice fluffy garments, but oh lordy, today was a trial!

Not only did I lug all of my washing down to the laundry-mat, on foot, but I did a big grocery shop yesterday and picked up prescriptions and have opticiand appointments this weekend and so wanted to conserve all the change I could and so took just the amound needed for  2 loads and 2 dryers there after!

I made it there in one piece and I loaded up the machines and I put in my money and the one machine came on and started to do its duty, while the other one just ate all of my money! HOW RUDE!!

There was no contact number in the laundrymat to get the money back and so I was thoroughlly unamused and took a photo of me looking as such and putting the whole place on a sterm time out!

I did manage to get one HUGE load of washing done and so there is a positive, here, and lesson learned for next time - avoid THAT machine!!

I can't wait to be a washer-owner again, whenever that may be! I know what I need in my new apt/house when I find it, that's for sure!!

Bring on the suds!!

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