Saturday, 7 March 2015

Campus Book Rentals - Saving You Money on Texts, All Year Around!

This is a compensated post for Campus Book Rentals. All opinions are my own, thank you! 

Why buy, when you can rent!?

Think about it, you're a student, or parent of a student, and you're about to put your hand into your wallet and spring some cash for those much-needed text books that are going to get you through the next semester of your studies, and beyond! 

As someone who has been there, I know how expensive those books can be, even if you're only buying a few, the cost quickly adds up and sooner then later you're studying, while living on noodles or robbing peter, to pay paul at home while you or your loved one gets an education! 

Well, there is good news, and there is better news! Campus Book Rentals have revolutionised the way we handle text books throughout our studies in such a way that we no longer have to pay full price for a text book that we're never going to use again following the course, and they do this by simply RENTING you the books yo need, at a reasonable cost, along with a free shipping service - BOTH WAYS! 

Campus Book Rentals hosts one of the biggest selections of texts in the nation, with anything from a 40% to a 90% saving on the average cost of the books that you might otherwise have paid for if you hadn't had the opportunity to rent!

With an easy-to-use service, you get 15 day period of grace if you can not return your book on time and you could even extend the rental of your book (where possible) for the entire semester/as long as you need! [prices might vary] Once you are done with your book/s, you just pop them right back in the mail for somebody else to use and so goes the cycle of Campus Book Rentals for everyone - No mess, no shelves full of books, no unnecessary waste in terms of trash OR money!

You will also have: 
* Access to live customer support
* Be allowed to highlight within the text book
* Buy your books, should you wish to keep them!

Intrigued? Well, by clicking HERE, you can head over to the Campus Book Rental's website and compare prices of rentals to those of text you'd otherwise have to buy! Check out the difference in cost and see just how much you could be saving, within seconds and see if they are a match for you! Fabulous!

Operation Smile!

As always, when I talk to you about Campus Book Rentals, I want to take a moment to remind you, and to inform those who are new to their site, that when you rent a book, you are not only helping yourselves but also helping put a smile back onto somebody else's face with donations to Operation Smile every time you rent a book!

If you have never heard of it, Operation Smile aids children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and/or palette, which can really increase a person's sense of self and raise their self-esteem and can mean the difference of child's happiness through a wonderful smile! You can find out more about Operation Smile, which is such a worthwhile cause, HERE!

Rent Back!

As ever, the savings won't stop, when you start renting those books! If you have already purchased books for this, or previous, semesters then is for you! allows you to rent out YOUR OWN books to other students in the same way that you would rent books out from Campus Book Rentals if you have a book that is in need, on their list and waiting to be put into the cycle! 

You no longer have to sell your books for a one-time payment! Putting your books up for rent, where available, will allow you to earn a few pennies back on your investment and you may even get up to 2 or 4 times more money in your pocket [renting] than from selling your text books alone [actual amounts vary].

To find out more about Rent, take a look at this short video and check them out, online!

Happy Renting!

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