Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Take on the BEST Features of the Nokia Lumia 830! #LumiaSwitch

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Lumia 830, for review purposes. 
All opinions are my own. Thank you!

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia 830 and now that the period of sharing is coming to an end, I wanted to share with you some of the highlights, in my mind, of said Lumia 830!

For starters, this phone comes with a windows platform and everything you need is lain out in front of you from the moment you switch it on, with easy to navigate tiles and a quick swipe over to the side for an alphabetical list of all of your apps!

No more searching aimlessly through screens of app icons if you don't want to, and if there is something you'd like to do that doesn't even have an app, then there's kind of an app for that, too, with Cortana!

Cortana has been by far one of my favorite aspects of this neat, slim, stylish phone and she's polite, too! She'll call you whatever you ask her too and she'll even sing you a song, tell you a joke or look up the nearest place to eat at when you're starving and just have to munch on something RIGHT NOW!

The OneDrive, too, is one of the most useful tools I have had on a phone! The OneDrive is like a cloud of delight where you can upload all your photos and files and keep them in a safe place, PLUS access them from anywhere that you can log-in to your OneDrive - and yes, there is an app for THAT, too!

I now have OneDrive on my phone, laptop and kindle and any time I take photos or have something to share, up it goes to the OneDrive and i have instant access to it on all of my other devices without having to take out 10 leads, wires and other gizmos and there isn't any hassle involved, it is just there! Log-in and voila!

I also am thrilled with the amount of space on this particular phone! My last one help a couple of apps and then it ran out of space, even with an extra card in it because it wouldn't save apps to the extra memory! This phone lets you save apps and work wherever you like, within reason, and makes everything a lot more use-friendly from the get-go!

I did find some cute accessories for the phone, including an owl pictured casing, with bumpers in case it was dropped on top of anything - I am forever clumsy and so went with this option, but there are many colors and looks to choose from, and they do not cost a fortune, either, which is also a great bonus to this phone!

As a photographer, I have to say I do also like the quality of the camera on the Lumia 830, which, for a camera on a phone, is actually pretty decent, with a good range of options while shooting the pictures, including a flash and manual preferences, plus added ways to post-edit the pictures once you have them. I found that taking photos in sunlight was best, as with all phones, but the Lumia 830 stands up for itself in the dark, too, with its flash and can give some point and shoot cameras a run for their money!

Overall, I love this phone and am incredibly surprised by how much! I love just about everything about it and I am glad that I took up the challenge of the #lumiaswitch and I would encourage you all to at least go and look at one, hold one, try it out a little! You might be surprised at how much you love it!

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with our posts on Twitter through the campaign - to keep going and to keep informed, and for some offers (while supplies last etc), follow the hashtags #lumiaswitch, #lumialovelies and check out @LumiaUS.


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fee roberts said...

I've been tempted to try the OneDrive. It sounds really cool.