Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Walking Dead Season Finale! It is HERE! (No Spoilers!)

Tonight is the finale of The Walking Dead and I am pretty darn excited for several reasons;

1. I can finally get my Sunday-thru-Monday Walking Dead fest out of the window for a few months, and save a lot time and energy that I usually pour into posting on Walking Dead forums and Reddits!

2. The end of The Walking Dead for this season means that SUMMER IS COMING!

3. No Walking Dead means my love for another show will blossom and sparkle in its absence, giving me time to digest all of the bits and pieces we've had lunged at us over the past year!

I love Walking Dead, mostly because I didn't read the comics before getting into it! My husband did and is less enthused about the show these days as it plays out and picks out bits and pieces here and there, but the comics will most likely never be outlived by the T.V Show and there is always so much more story to be told!

I DO look forward to seeing what the finale has in store, and I know that everyone is watching it RIGHT NOW! But I prefer to catch it in the morning the next day, when there are no kids around, my husband is at work, and I have some quiet time to myself and a perhaps a sausage sarnie and a cup of coffee!

SO! Good luck to all of you that are watching the finale tonight! I believe that the U.K gets to watch it TOMORROW night and so I STILL have to watch what I say once I do get to see it because I know a lot of you are playing catch-up!

Either way, I do hope it meets my expectations! I think I may have to turn the internet off until i've seen it in the A.M!!

Rock on!

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fee roberts said...

I can't wait for the new season to start! And I'm looking forward to the new 'Fear the Walking Dead.'