Friday, 30 October 2015

The Shower Wow! As Seen on T.V! Look-See! #MGBHGG

Here is a fun one for the Holiday Gift Guide, this year! Just take a look at the Shower Wow!

It is a shower head that you replace your old and boring shower head for and BOOM! Your shower becomes a disco!

This is so much fun for the whole family, and the kids especially enjoy getting in the shower with the flashing lights, which are little LED lights, which require no extra batteries or power, it is all designed to work with the impact of your water!

I found it was simple to install, fun for the whole family and a great little stocking stuffer!

The only issue I could imagine is if you are a little sensitive to light or flashing lights, in which case it is probably not for you as there is no way to just turn it off unless the shower isn't running, which I would like to see changed for those in the household who would prefer a disco-less shower.

Other than that, I think it is a lot of fun and worth picking up for an extra present this year, as the holidays start to roll in!

Take a look at my short video, below, and make up your own mind!

Find Shower Wow! on FACEBOOK and enjoy a fun disco shower, today! I do!

Disclaimer: I received the Shower Wow! In exchange for my open and honest opinion. All opinions are my own and your views may differ! Thank you! 

Glasses Shop Look-See and 50% OFF Code! #MGBHGG

My husband and I both wear prescription eyeglasses, and his vision is especially bad, which means he has to make sure he has a good, working pair of glasses for driving, working, sitting at the computer and just about everything in general that requires some sight!

The cost of going to a regular opticians, having an eye exam and then picking out glasses is ridiculously expensive, even with insurance. So, for us at least, it makes much more sense to go to the opticians for our eye exams and pay the price of the exam and then pick out our glasses online to be shipped to our home!

Glasses Shop is a convenient and easy way to buy cheap glasses, with friendly staff and a quick turn-around from conception to delivery of the glasses you order!

All you need is a prescription from your eye-doctor and you are ready to go! Follow the online instructions, which I found to be really simple and easy, and choose the glasses you like the most, without feeling rushed by a person waiting for you at the front desk waiting to go home for dinner!

Remember to double check the measurements of the glasses to see if they are the right kind of frame for your face - I like to do this by comparing them to a current pair of glasses that I own already - enter your details and pay the low-cost fee. Voila! Your glasses can be with you within a week or two and you'll have paid a fraction of the cost at the opticians, and you'll look dazzling and stylish, too!

Buying eyeglasses (and sunglasses) online, now, is so simple, you can do it in your pajamas, and you should! I did, and my husband can see in style! You can, right now, purchase a pair of select eyeglasses from Glasses Shop at 50% OFF using the code: GSHOT50 (good at the time of this posting) and so there has never been a better time to buy!

Head on over and grab yourself a new, stylish pair of glasses and let me know how they turn out! With hundreds to choose from, there really is something for everyone, and I just love the way these red and black ones make my husband look - such a big step up from the old, worn, metal frames he had from the opticians!

Glasses Shop gets a big, fat 10/10 from me because the glasses are exactly as I pictured them, fit perfect and the lenses are a nice, clear quality lens, along with the nice, clean and stylish frame. My husband looks great and he can see, which is always a bonus!

Glasses Shop gets a spot on our Holiday Gift Guide, this year, which you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #MGBHGG, and at our blog, from November 1st!

Happy hunting for those great frames!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a pair of eyeglasses in exchange for this review. Our experiences with the ordering and product are our own and our views are non-biased. Your views and experiences may differ! Thank you! 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Better The Weather You Know!

We went out for a walk in the sun, today, to get a few Halloween pictures and we ended up with this...

What a beautiful, sunny day! 

Somewhere else... :)

Le Top Look-See and Giveaway!

This giveaway is a giveaway Sponsored by Le Top

Le Top, a family owned business, has been creating quality play-wear for over 35 years. Their whimsical and timeless play-wear is reflective of the joy and innocence of childhood. With sizes ranging from 3 months to 6x they have sizes for most young children. Their clothing also ranges in unique patterns and colors. All clothing from Le Top is known for their soft, natural fabrics that they design and manufacture themselves.
When you visit Le Top's website there are perfect outfits for all small children. There are a variety of colors and patterns and all of their clothing is so playful and fun! Now you have a chance to win an outfit of your choice! Be sure to enter the giveaway below! 


Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment and was not in any way compensated for this post. Thank you! 

BOOK THREE of the Giant's in the Land Trilogy is Available NOW! #mgbhgg

Giants in the Land is a well written series of books by Clark Rich Burbidge, and they present in a series of 3 stand-alone stories (or as a set) with book three, The Cavern of Promise, the latest in the set to be released, and ready to go!

I had the pleasure of taking a look at these books and, even as a 30 something year old adult these books still have a strong message that no matter who the "giants" are in your own lives (mom, dad, teachers, etc) you can go it alone and survive without them, if one day they were to just up and disappear - as the Giants do at the very beginning of the series (leaving the towns folk that they have helped and lived besides for years) to fend for themselves!

The books follow Thomas, a member of the town abandoned by the giants on whom he used to rely, as the town runs into a panic, with no explanation as to why the giants just suddenly up and left. Thomas is brave enough to go in search of answers, with adventure and moral/spiritual lessons along the way!

In the new book, book 3, and without giving too much away, the story is brought to conclusion with a quest for redemption for the towns-folk and Thomas, personally, along the way. With struggles and obstacles to overcome as the reader is reinforced with the notion that they can survive even the biggest, deepest and darkest of tribulations and come out the other side.

This is an award winning series and well worth a look. I would say this is suited well to a tween and young teen audience, but makes a fast and easy read for adults, too! I found the writing to be clear, concise and, while not completely as in depth as I would prefer, perfect for the younger reader!

You can pick up a copy of the new book, today, at any good book seller, along with the previous editions in the trilogy, too!

I am happy to see these in this years Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teen readers! Follow our Holiday Gift Guide on Twitter with hashtag #mgbhgg.

Let me know if you have read them, and what you thought! I love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I was given copies of these books in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Your views and feelings may differ, thank you!

Give Your Food a HUG! Food Huggers are HERE! #MGBHGG

We've got FOOD HUGGERS in the house, and I LOVE THEM! They are so simple and easy to use, but fill a void in my kitchen that I didn't even realize was there!

They come in 4 different sizes, and several colors, these Food Huggers wrap around sliced food to keep it fresh in your fridge, for longer, and can be utilized with cans, cups, jars and anything they fit snugly over and seal to keep it fresh!

They look great in the fridge, they don't take up any space in a drawer and they are going to keep your food good and make it look pretty while you store it!

I tried these with apples and a can of beans, and both worked great! I even tried these on top of my plastic cup, with soup in, and that worked wonders, too! I think they can be utilized for a plethora of items that you'll need to store and are very convenient to use! What a great idea! 

You can find Food Huggers, HERE and on Twitter

Fun fact! Not only can you get Food Huggers in packs like these, you can ALSO get avocado shaped Food Huggers, in packs of 2, various different size sets of Food Huggers, AND even sets of BOWL Huggers! Check them out, today, and...


Also, put them on your holiday gift list for the cook of the house or just for yourself, you're going to wonder what you ever did without them!

Follow our gift guide items on Twitter with hashtag #mgbhgg!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a set of Food Huggers to form myself an honest opinion and share it with you! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated and all views are my own! Your views may differ! Thank you! 

Five Finger Tees, T.A.R.D.I.S T-shirt! #MGBHGG

Five Finger Tees sent over this awesome T.A.R.D.I.S T-shirt, which I ordered and had delivered within the week, nice and timely and of great quality just in time to tell you about it ahead of our Holiday Gift Guide!

This is a nice, clean, soft and well made tee, with a Dr Who design on it, but there are hundreds of other geeky and clever designs over at the website that there is something for everyone! 

My son, the Dr Who fan (aren't we all, really?), LOVES the t-shirt and when he loves something he definitely lets me know - he's 19 and so when he doesn't want to wear it, he won't put it on, but here he is, enjoying the new T-shirt in all its glory! 

Add one to your gift list, this year, I am sure there is someone you know that would LOVE a particular design on their shirt that you might not be able to find elsewhere, so why not take a look and see what you discover! 

You can find Five Finger Tees at their website or on Twitter and Facebook, respectively! 

Follow #MGBHGG on Twitter for this years Holiday Gift Guide! 


Disclaimer: I was given this tee for review and all opinions are my own, honest and unbiased opinions and your views may differ. Thank you! 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Holidays are coming!

Our Holiday Gift Guide is coming and I can't wait! I have so many great things for you to take a look at this year that you are not going to be short of ideas for your holiday gifting!

Halloween will come and go this weekend, your clocks are also going to fall-back and that same clock is going to start counting down to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

We are going to make sure you see the year out with festive party ideas, decor, food and drink and presents for mom, dad and the kids, with something for every age and genre!

Stay tuned! We have some fabulous giveaways coming too...JANIEBEE will be live on November 1st, and you aren't going to want to miss it!!

Remember, this year you can follow our gift guide on Twitter with the hashtag #mgbhgg, too!!

Just a few sleeps, now...

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

DR Who T.A.R.D.I.S Print from Society 6 - Perfect for Gifting this Holiday Season! #MGBHGG

Here is another fabulous idea from our Holiday Gift Guide (#MGBHGG), this year - with our guide going live on November 1st, we just can't keep things quiet over here, and so...

I am bursting at the seams to show you this fantastic print "Tardis doctor who jump into time Vortex", by artist Three Second, on SOCIETY 6!

It is a wonderful artistic illustration of the blue police box, from Dr. Who, in a vortex of wonderful colors! The print is huge at 38"x 26" and is framed and covered and comes ready to hang for just $126, or less for smaller sizes!

To give you an idea of how awesome this is, here it is, across the backs of two of my cosy chairs! It is just glorious, framed great and of such good quality that anyone who has set eyes on it since it came into my home has immediately admired it and asked where it came from!

The great thing about Society 6 is that there are SO MANY artists and creations available to choose from, that there is plenty of choice for everyone's individual tastes and gifting pleasure and, as an artist myself, I can fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into each of these pieces and can tell you that the prices are fair and quality superb - just what I would expect and want for my prints, too!

Wait! There is more! Not only can you buy art prints to hang, you can also buy prints on pillows, cups, leggings, bags and so much more to gift for any occasion! I love a good art print, though and was so thrilled to get to review this that I jumped right in and picked this up for my son, who just loves Dr. Who and will adore it!

You can find prints like this one, and more, on and follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too, for the latest updates and new creations!

What are you waiting for!? Head on over and see what gems you can find, now! 

Disclaimer: I was provided with this art print in order to review the quality of Society 6, and all opinions are my own. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated, and your views may differ to my own! Thank you! 

Halloween is Coming... Who Would You "BOO!" - For a Klondike Bar!?

If you are headed out for Halloween at the weekend, then why not stop and pick up these cool treats before you head out - or as a surprise when you get done with all that fun trick-or-treating!?

Put a new twist on candy, with the Klondike Kandy Bars, which have been available for about a year, now and are here to satisfy any sweet tooth with am ice cream surprise!

Klondike Kandy Bars are available in packs of 4, but recently rolled out in packs of 6 (at no extra cost) and are available in Tripple Chocolate Krunch (previously Fudge Krunch), Cookies & Cream, Mint Fudge Cookie and Caramel & Peanuts (of which the Mint Fudge Cookie is my absolute favorite)...

How can anyone resist!

And don't forget to add your Klondike Bars, too! These are available in all the regular flavors, plus 2 awesome candy flavors - Heath and Reese's! If you love candy, and you love ice cream, then this is the Halloween treat for you - no tricks, I promise!!

We don't do trick or treating, but we do like a good halloween party and so these are perfect for us, and my little girl is certainly not complaining...

How about mixing it up a little and surprising any party goers or home-bodies with a Klondy Shake, as well? Just choose your favorite Klondike Bar, blend with ice and milk and put together a tasty, cool, shake!?

You can visit the Klondike Website for ideas and inspiration! You'll find something to suit everyone, I'm almost certain! You can also pick these up in your local grocery store, today!

Happy Halloween!


Disclaimer: I was provided with coupons to try out these products, and not otherwise monetarily compensated. All opinions are my own and your views may differ, thank you! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Hot Pockets Snack Bites - Make Your Halloween!

Hot Pockets Snack Bites are new and tasty! I've tried them and so I know - they are also very hard to come by where I live because everyone else seems to think they're pretty tasty, too and it took me a while to find them! 

BUT! Here they are, in all their glory, and I gave them a try last night! 

There are several flavors, but I managed to get Hickory Ham and Cheddar, plus Pepperoni Pizza, but you can also get Cheesy Beef Nacho and Four Cheese! 

I love what they've done with a flaky crust and that they can cook in the oven, nice and easy, in no real big time at all, or in the microwave for something incredible like just a minute! You hardly have to wait, at all! 

In fact, these would be great if you are having last-minute guests over, if you have a microwave and want to throw a few in it and be ready in a shake! 

Having Halloween party, this year - just grab a bag, pop them on a cookie sheet or baking tray and place them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven and temperature, and VOILA! Snacks for everybody in a timely fashion! 

Going out this year, trick or treating?! Why not heat up a few of these Hot Pockets Snack Bites to fuel up before you go, or to simply eat on the way out of the door!?

I gave these to my children, last night, and they went down incredibly well, even with the oldest, who is now (and forever shall be) a picky eater who will definitely let me know if he doesn't like something, which (in this instance) was not the case at all!

You can serve up the snack bites with veggies and other sides, or, if you are having that Halloween Party after all then lay them out on a plate with a dip or two and let your guests tuck in! They would even make for a great little snack tray for trick or treaters when they come knocking, if they would prefer a quick snack instead of the traditional candy! 

We love them in our house and the votes were unanimous! Hot Pockets Snack Bites are just what snack time ordered and I recommend giving them a go and picking some up, just in time for the Halloween festivities, which are right around the corner! 

Tried some? I'd love to know what you thought!! 

You can pick up Hot Pockets in your local grocery store and you can follow the brand on Twitter and Facebook, respectively! 


Disclaimer: I was provided with coupons for money off of Snack Bites, to try and test these our for myself. No other monetary compensation was given and my opinions are entirely my own. Your views may differ! Thank you!

The Walking Dead - S6 E3 - Thank You! SPOILERS!


Last night, The Walking Dead picked up where the first episode left off and we see Rick and his group of minions running around like headless chickens trying to get back to Alexandria!

Michone's group break out and try to get ahead of the hoard and end up stuck in an abandoned town, don't do all the things they should do to stay safe, lock themselves in a store and wait for doom to reach them.

In the process, several people that we've never taken any notice of before, die! THEN! comes THAT death that EVERYONE on the Internet is talking, screaming and crying about, this morning.,, GLENN!

BUT! Did he REALLY die or are the writers messing with us?! Well, honestly I'd like to think that Glenn would go out a little better than that! It is SO beneath the death that the character would deserve that I didn't even feel anything at all about it!

Nicholas, who we love to hate, clearly was a no brainer to go, eventually, but to take Glenn out with him unintentionally? I don't know about that - maybe GLENN should soon be saying THANK YOU! to Nicholas, when he magically survives this crazy influx of zombies and escapes what looks like his death-scene, which I am highly convinced that it was not!


Well, for one thing, since when do intestines roll out of someones shoulder, how is there no blood in Glenn's mouth if he's being ripped open, and where was Steven on The Talking Dead?

When Glenn fell, Nicholas landed on top of him - alright, they landed at the wrong angle for the last shot, there, and it wasn't right, everything was off about this entire scene. I can't decide whether somewhere along the line there is an hallucination happening or if Glenn is about to escape under the dumpster, if someone is going to be up on a rooftop to save him in a similar way HE saved Rick, or if Glenn really is toast and the writers just game him the lamest death in the history of The Walking Dead - and they wouldn't do that to Glenn, would they!?

I guess we'll have to wait until next week, or even the week after, to really find out, but we didn't really SEE him dead on the ground so in The Walking Dead universe, he isn't DEAD, DEAD, not just yet! So, there is hope!

What about the rest of the episode?!

Well, Daryl is eager to rush back to Alexandria, but what exactly is he rushing back for!? Is he going back to help because of people he cares about OR does he finally except Alexandria as the possibility of having a decent home experience and just doesn't want to be out there on his own again? I think it is a bit of both, but he eventually goes back to help with the walkers instead, like a good little kitten!

Meanwhile! Rick is out on his own, kicking ass and taking names - or cuts to his hand! Nope, he wasn't bitten, I think he just did himself a good turn when he tried to get that blade out of the walker, though the fact the Rick shouldn't have a hand by now is one of those comic book/ TV show things that no one wants to speak about, and may or may not ever happen - but likely not, this is probably an homage to it!

The attack on the camper was, for me, the most intense part of the episode because Andrew Lincoln's acting just gets better and better every week and he really seemed to be full of dread when that attack came out of nowhere! Well played, for sure!

And so, here we are, 3 episodes in and I am genuinely impressed, so far! Aside from that very first episode , which seemed to waste far too much time, I think this season is making its way on the fast train and we've got to keep up!

The only questions I had this week were:

Where IS Tobin?
Why didn't Michone put her blade through the guy with the note?
Why didn't Michone at least TAKE the note!
Were the people attacking Rick, the people who Morgan let go? If so, shame on you, Morgan!


Guess we'll find out...soon...

Sunday, 25 October 2015

HEY BOY! - Take That has a new single! Get up and DANCE!

One of my all-time favourite bands, TAKE THAT has a new single out and I am so over-the-moon delighted at 'HEY BOY!' 

Take That has been around since 1989/90 and were the backing tracks to my teen years, even through their split in 1996, and reformation back in 2006, with band members coming and going in all sorts of directions in the mean time and ending up as a 3 piece, trio!

I like the way they just work, no matter if there are 5 of them, 4 or 3! It just does! The magic is there, the music is always superbly written to get you off of your seat and moving and it gives so much feeling, with this new single being no different with a real pop-party-disco feel and I dare you to listen to this without dancing! It won't happen!

Just keep on doing what you do, Take That! Maybe i'll get back to the U.K sometime soon and catch a tour!! In the mean time...

What makes me smile?

As I've gotten older I have started to spend more time and energy on the things that everyone else in my household likes/wants/needs and have somehow forgotten exactly what it is that I enjoy, myself!

SO! Every time I see something I do genuinely enjoy, I pop it on my list!

So far, my list includes (in no particular order, and not limited to):

  • My Family (a given!)
  • Laughter
  • Hedgehogs
  • Peter Gabriel+KateBush
  • A good deal
  • Photography
  • Old Cameras
  • Painting
  • Justified
  • Banoffee Pie
  • Moscato
  • Fluffy Slippers
  • Anything super spicy
  • Pizza (with black olives, jalapeno peppers and pineapple!)
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Old Westerns
  • MacGuyver
  • Charles Bronson (The Actor)
  • Katydids
  • Cicadas
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Bollywood movies
  • Books
  • Leggings and Yoga Pants+baggy sweaters (in the house!)
  • Fall
  • Clean laundry, when it is ALL done, for about 5 minutes!
  • Skype, with family
  • Hats
  • Pumpkins - anything related to pumpkins!
  • The middle of the night, or early morning when it is dead silent and peaceful
  • Stargazing (actual stars, not famous people!)
  • Oz (HBO's. not Wizard of...)
  • Carnivale
  • Just about anything with Sean Bean!
  • Take That
  • Shady Maple Smorgasbord
  • The way my daughter says mustache! (ushpash!)
  • Raspberry pink anything
  • Crunchy leaves
  • Darts
  • Bowling
  • Older classical movies
  • Old music
  • Black and white photos
  • Abandoned places
  • Poetics, poets and the written word
  • Mary Poppins
  • Bill Bailey
  • Theramins!
  • Bill Bailey on a Theramin! 
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Red Dwarf
  • Dr Who
  • Gardening
  • Old records and reel to reel tapes

There are more, I am sure, like Johnny Cash and good friends, dark ale and the beach, English pubs, fish and chips, jumbo prawns and roasted parsnips! I really could be here all day!

I wonder what your lists would look like!?

Have a relaxing Sunday!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Magformers Review! #MGBHGG

Here is another must-have on your Holiday Gift List, this year - MAGFORMERS! 

These are little magnetic shapes, that join together to make shapes and models of all sizes, which is only limited by your own imagination!

We have this 27 piece set, which comes with several diagrams for building your own little cars and other builds, with cards to place on the table or as backgrounds for scenery to play with your newly built creations!

Good from 3 years and up, these are PERFECT for my 4 year old little girl, who is home schooled and has a lust for life and learning that I enjoy feeding and expanding on, and with Magformers she is able to put her creativity into action without getting frustrated at little pieces or worrying that she can't disassemble and rebuild without getting a little stuck.

Magformers are great for little fingers and are fun for all ages - even mom and dad can join in the fun as each piece effortlessly taps together and forms something new! I actually had a lot of fun with these, myself, and could sit here for hours playing with them, so imagine how much fun children are having!

There is no mess, no glue, no tiny pieces to lose, no wrong way of building and almost completely frustration-free!

Kids can learn colors, shapes, sizes, math and all-sorts with creative play that comes with Magformers and the possibilities are endless!

Magformers can be found HERE and also followed on TWITTER and FACEBOOK respectively!

I am giving these a big 10/10 because they are everything I could hope to get in a toy and so much more! That is why they easily make it into our Holiday Gift Guide for 2015, which you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #MGBHGG!

Get snapping!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the product shown in order to form my honest opinion. All views are my own and yours may differ. Thank you! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this post.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Holiday's are coming, so let Jennie-O make them easy! + $30 Coupon #GIVEAWAY!

The Holiday Season is about to get going, with just 2 months until Christmas, and Thanksgiving even closer, the clock is about to start ticking and counting away the minutes that you have to get ready for any big day!

Every year, there are people who love to entertain and, every year, there are people who spend more time on Holiday Crisis Lines, trying to figure out how long to cook a turkey, when to baste, how to prepare and what kind of meal to put together that the holiday itself just becomes one great-big chore!

But never fear! Jennie-O's Oven Ready Turkey is here to save the day, this up and coming Holiday Season! Whether it be for your Thanksgiving feast, or your Christmas Dinner, Jennie-O is ready and waiting in your supermarket's freezer!

These turkey's are OVEN READY and all you have to do is roll it out, pop it in (the oven) and cook! There is no thawing and no handling of raw poultry, so you don't have to do all the work! There's so little preparation, in fact, that you'll have more time to worry about other things - like who forgot to buy the cranberries or who ate that darn pecan pie!

Jennie-O turkey products don't stop with the Oven Ready Turkey, either! If you are having a small gathering and want to do something a little different, but just as easy, then pick up a pack of Jennie-O links and wrap them in bacon and have little turkey's in blankets! You can even pick up Jennie-O ground turkey and make some burgers and grill-out, if that suits your mood - the holiday's have never been easier!

To help you out, Jennie-O has an abundance of ideas and recipes and HOLIDAY MENUS over HERE at their holiday events pages, so you don't have to stress and struggle through ANY season, or spend time on holiday help lines trying to get your feast in order!

I personally enjoy cooking with turkey anything and would even be happy to put turkey breakfast links on the menu Christmas morning or Boxing Day (the day after Xmas) for a quick and delicious meal - great to serve up to any over-night guests you've had, before sending them joyfully on their way!

Need to know how much Turkey to buy? Need to know how long to cook it or what to put with it or some seasonal inspired ideas to bring to the table, then Jennie-O has your back!

Take a break this season and let Jennie-O do some of the work!


To get you started, we are giving away $30 worth of Jennie-O coupons, so you can pick up your Turkey goodies in-store in plenty of time, and get inspired through Jennie-O's website!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the $30 worth of prize coupons for Jennie-O, is enter the Rafflecopter, below!

RULES: You must be a U.S citizen to enter, and over 18 or have your parents permission. There will be ONE winner, who will be notified by EMAIL and so please do leave a valid email address. We will not use your emails for anything other than to contact you if you win and never share or sell your information. 

The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of giveaway end and will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize. If no winner has claimed their prize by the 48 hour deadline then the winner will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen until we have a confirmed win. We host our giveaways this way so that we can correspond with the sponsors in a timely manner and get your prize to you as quickly as possible. 

That's all! Go ahead and scroll down and enter to win, now! Also, connect with Jennie-O on Facebook!  and Jennie-O on Twitter, too!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided with coupons in order to try out Jennie-O products for myself and to give you an opinion. I was not otherwise compensated for this post /giveaway. All opinions are my own, and your views may differ. Thank you! 

Book Review: The Central Park Tales, by Marcus Meesters. #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions. All thoughts are my own and your views may differ! Thank you. 

One of THE sweetest children's books I have had the pleasure to read in quite some time, The Central Park Tales, by Marcus Meesters is a children's book made up of 10 different stories involving the animals that reside in Central Park, including: Squirrel, Duck, Frog, Mousekin, Doctor Beggar AND Mister Pup (his brother).

The enamouring qualities that this little gem of a book exudes has my daughter just adoring it and asking for more! Any story that involves an animal of any kind is a blessing for children with an imagination and a fondness of nature and so this is the perfect bedtime story book for her. We have been reading a couple of stories per night and then, once the book is done, she is happy to start over! 

The illustrations, penned by the clearly talented Marcus Meesters, as well,  really do bring the book to life just that little bit more, with glimpses of the real Central Park and a look into what the lives of these little creatures could be like! It is such a well written book and flows ever so nicely that it really is hard to put it down, even as an adult! It gave me great nostalgia of times when I would read books like Beatrix Potter (or similar) when I was the age that my daughter is now. 

This book is definitely a keeper and I am recommending it for our Holiday Gift Guide, which you will be able to start following on Twitter with the hashtag #MGBHGG as we start to roll out from November 1st! 

All children need books, especially in a world drowning in technology. I was always gifted a book at Christmas and on birthdays and it sparked a love for reading and spun my imagination off to worlds I would never have found on my own, even to this day! I would love for every child to get the chance to experience The Central Park Tales.

You can find The Central Park Tales on Amazon in hardback (or for the Kindle), at Barnes and Noble (if you have a Nook) and also available as an iBook!

Imagine how delighted I am to also find out that this is going to be part of a trilogy of books, with The Hyde Park Tales (set in London) and The Vondelpark Tales (set in Amsterdam) soon to follow in 2016. In fact, the original story of how these books came to be, and more about their author, Marcus Meesters, can be found by heading here!

Happy Tales!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Walking Dead - JSS (spoilers)

I know, I was gone ALL WEEK! I took my kids to their wellness check appointments at the Dr's on Monday last week and must have picked something up and gotten sick as a dog, which put me out of action!

Thankfully, I am fine, now! Phew! 

I managed to catch The Walking Dead, Season 6. episode 2, on Sunday, and I am SO glad I tuned in because I wasn't going to after the crawl of a start the show gave us in the opener, last week! 

Sunday's ep was almost comparable to the Season 5 opener, with Carol being her big, bad-ass, self in what looked like an almost assassin-like outfit - Carol, master of disguise, using the zombies own blood against them to allude them in S5x01, and now using the intruders outfits against them as she just walks right up to them and BOOM!

Any episode that is Carol centric is just about to bust the show out of the window and keeps me on the edge of my seat in a way that most of the other regular cast just doesn't! Maybe it is because she is just one of the most genuine and "normal" people left on the show that we have just grown with and learnt to love and admire - plus, she is clearly doing all the things that people SHOULD be doing during the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Morgan, on the other hand! I am feeling such a dislike for that I am just disappointed beyond belief that they bought him back, at all, but I know it is necessary as it seems they're counter-balancing him and Carol as two sides of the same coin! Carol has to kill but doesn't want to and Morgan won't kill but realises he HAS to, or SHOULD. We all thought he was back for Rick, but it looks like he's more of a match for Carol story lines and who knows where it will all cross. 

This was a WELL thought out episode, with a minimal cast, lots of action and a final chance for Carol to shake off those housewife shackles and show everyone what she is really made of! 

I can see why they opened with last weeks episode, because it really set the tone for the second episode, but honestly, that Season 6 premier could have been a good half an hour shorter for that! 

Well done for keeping me on the edge of my seat through this week's ep, though! I thought for sure that one of our favorites was going to get the axe, but I guess this was just a warm up! 

Speaking of warm-up, Carol sure did time that dish in the oven, just right and it goes to show that the blood, guts and gore are really just another part of daily life, now, no matter where you live or what you have and Carl just pops that food out of the oven like it is just another day! 

One thing I found interesting in this ep is that the people being killed were not zombies, but people against people! They really have moved to a point where it really does come down to us, or them, and the "them" of it is EVERYONE, not just the undead. 

I don't really know where it is all going, but I am certainly tuning in for episode 3! You ALMOST lost me there for a moment, Walking Dead, but you redeemed yourself and so much win for our Queen Carol! 

Questions I have from this ep include:
  • What does JSS mean? (you'll know if you caught the note, to Carl near the end)
  • Where was Enid going, is she just so scared to lose anyone else she might get attached to that she's off before someone else takes people away or is there more to it? 
  • How does Carl keep his hair so smooth - and why are his layers so short?
  • What was in the bag Morgan was carrying when he passed Carol at the end? 
  • Where in the heck is Rick's group?! That truck horn went off early on in the episode, they're sure taking their time! 
  • What now, for the big old horde of zombie-folk headed towards Alexandria? 
  • Is Aaron going to blame himself? 
  • Are people FINALLY going to wake up to the reality of life, now? 

Roll on next Sunday! 

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 1. Look-See. (No Spoilers!)

I tuned in to the season SIX premier of The Walking Dead, last night, and I have to say that I was not entirely impressed.

I didn't completely dislike the episode, but for a season opener I just felt a little slighted. It was far too slow for me and it seemed to rug sweep a lot of things under the carpet that were up in the air at the end of season 5.

I don't want to give anything away, so I will just say that I know it was lagging because 23 minutes in I had looked at my clock to see what the time was. Another 25 minutes later and my interest was there, but it wasn't really peaked and, then, by the end, I did not at all feel that sense of urgency in the pit of my gut, that you would really expect to get with that situation, because really I wasn't drawn into it, it was almost an aside with all the back and forths trying to muddle the past and present together.

I do love that some of my favourites are still with us, I like the way they are taking some of the characters, but I am pretty sure that at least 2 of them have been marked for death this season just based on their attitudes in this episode.

I will say now that by the time Season 6 comes to a close, and maybe even by the mid-season finale, we will likely have said goodbye to Sasha or, dare I say it...Glenn!

I will be happily wrong.

I give this opener 7 out of ten, 5 of which relies solely on Tara's remark to Eugene at her bedside, while the other 2 are for effort, but with no emotional connection or feeling, for me, personally.

Barely any answers and not nearly enough questions, but still worth a look. It really couldn't ever have beat out season 5's opener from last year but it gave it a shot (or a slight tap).

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Donations matter!

Every year, around this time, we attend a Peace March and get together, which is a great way to spread a positive message to the community and to also unwind and have a great day with friends and family. 

Every year there is a "free shop", which allows people to donate goods or receive goods, too! I always take over the clothes from my children from the past year and this year is going to be no exception! Today, Bronson and I spent a couple of hours going through SO MANY clothes from everyone in our household and have bags and bags for donations from coats to covers and back again! 

We also sorted out a couple of bags for the local church, too, as they are having a donations collection and distribution in the coming weeks, too! All in all, we ended up with about 6 full bags of clothes, shoes and accessories, with blankets and coats as well!


I am very please with my little minion for helping me out, today AND for the incredible amount of space this frees up to fill over the next year! I hope someone, somewhere can benefit from the things we've donated, and who knows, maybe we'll find a treasure of our own! 

 Have a wonderful weekend, wherever it takes you!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Atopic dermatitis in babies and use of Betaderm

Eczema is a chronic disease often affecting children. It is caused due to various environmental and genetic factors. Medical professionals are still not quite sure what causes it but as it is with many other conditions, hereditary factor plays an important role. Besides dry skin, atopic dermatitis is also followed by appearance of eczema which is characterized by red, dry and scaly patches of skin that are enormously itchy. This illness affects 10 to 15 percent of babies.

Like many other allergic illnesses, atopic dermatitis is constantly on the rise. It is very common for developed and urban environments. You! Drugstore team believes that changes in our environment are the most likely cause for this. Some of the children will also suffer from other allergic diseases such as asthma. In some cases, irritant that is causing eczema will lead to development of other conditions at the same time. When it comes to babies, common symptoms of eczema are wet and yellow patches of skin appearing on top of the head, cheeks and bottom. Older children are experiencing a bit different issues such as dry skin that is scaling as well as thick, uneven and dry skin. Buy Betaderm online to treat all of these problems.

Have in mind that this disease can come in various forms. We can differentiate:

  • Contact dermatitis (caused through direct contact with various irritants in our midst)
  • Photodermatitis (common for individuals sensitive to light)
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (caused by fungus Malassezia)
  • Neurodermatitis (affects nerve ending bellow skin)

As a primary treatment, doctors will recommend avoiding problematic substances. Have in mind that contact dermatitis is the most common form. Because of this, patient will need to determine what causes the problem. After identifying the culprit, it is possible to avoid that matter. Unfortunately, certain substances are really common for our environment. This makes treatment that much harder to perform.

Besides avoiding allergens, patient can change his diet. It has been discovered that large quantities of vitamins A, C and E as well as zinc and Omega-3 acids, can have enormous effect on treatment of the patient. Mild cosmetic products (preferable natural ones) should be used for bathing the baby. Most of the chemicals used in cosmetic industry and for cleaning products can prove to be enormously strong for infants. As such, they can lead to severe dermal reaction.

Many parents prefer using medicines to treat this issue. Have in mind that Betaderm has provided excellent results when it comes to treating symptoms of dermatitis like redness, itching and swelling. Medicine is used for skin, it comes in a form of a cream and it is a corticosteroid. Entire treatment lasts for up to two weeks. If the baby doesn’t show progress by that time, it is necessary to consult the doctor. Cream is used 1 to 3 times per day. It shouldn’t be put on face, groin or underarms. When used around diaper area, it shouldn’t be tightened or covered by artificial materials. Furthermore, if baby has skin issues, it is best if you use cotton diapers.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post and your views may vary. Thank you.

Entenmann's DIY Halloween party ideas, and #giveaway!

If you want something other than candy this Halloween, then consider picking up Entenmann's Little Bites in BIG packs, with 18, 20 and 24 packs to ensure you have plenty of yummy treats to go around!

To make things even more fun, the head baker for Entenmann's, Kathleen Robbins, has come up with some easy DIY frightful snacks to make your party jump, with goodies like Little Bites Spooky Spiders, using Little Bites Chocolate Chip muffins, plus Entenmann's Pop'ems! Yum!

Little mini baked muffins never looked so good as now, in their Little Bites Snacks -BIG packs!! And, to show you just how good these are, we, at Mom's Gone Bronson, are giving away a giant prize pack just in time for Halloween!

Love Entenmann's Pumpkin Pop'ems,  have an idea of your own to make with them, or just want to follow the DIY instructions in this promo video? 

Then this giveaway is for YOU!

The winner will receive;

A prize pack for Entenmann's goodies worth up to $38!

To enter, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter, below! 

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Disclaimer: I was provided with an Entenmann's gift pack in order to share this post. All opinions are my own and the giveaway is hosted by Mom's Gone Bronson plus participating bloggers, who are not responsible for prize fulfilment. Thank you!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Walmart is your one-stop shop this Halloween!!

Halloween is a fun time of year to let your hair down and to share with the kids, so what better place to go as your one-stop shop for such an occasion, than Walmart!

Walmart hosts a huge selection of kids costumes from Frozen's Elsa, to Darth Vader and this cute little cow baby costume!

Got your costumes down? Well Walmart also has creepy make-up, full party supplies and food and drink to keep your party goers (and visiting trick-or-treaters) fed, watered and happy this spooktacular Halloween!

Because this year's Halloween falls on Saturday, parties are a "GO!", and Walmart is waiting to make those parties happen - especially when exclusives are abound, like
Pecan Pie M&Ms and Pumpkin Spice Ghirardelli Caramels!! 
Pick up your decorations, party supplies, costumes, tricks AND treats, at Walmart, today, with a great price and bewitching smile and know that for the first time, ever Walmart will have 200 costumes ready to grab with Walmart's: Pick up Today, service!

Grab your bowls for apple bobbing, buckets for treats, decisions for that big party or a little tasty treat for visitors, it is all under Walmart's roof, waiting for you, and I know my pocket loves the prices, too

Already done your Halloween shopping at Walmart? I'd love to see what you found!!


This is a compensated post, for Walmart. All views are my own, thank you!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Vtech Go Go Smart Animals Grow and Learn Farm, GIVEAWAY! Ends 10/10/15 11:59pm

Enter to Win the VTech® Go! Go! Smart Animals® – Grow and Learn Farm Giveaway! Ends 10/10
This giveaway is sponsored by Vtech and Hosted by Mommy by Nurture. See all the fun interactive features of this learn and grow toy when you read this full review.
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One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. Giveaway ends on 10/10 at 11:59PM EST. Come back daily to grab extra entries from the Daily Secret Word and Tweets!
Disclaimer: I was not paid nor compensated to promote this giveaway, the sponsor, Vtech Kids will be responsible for shipment of prize and it can take up to (8) weeks for delivery. Winner has (48) hours to claim prize via email once contacted or another winner may be drawn. This giveaway is not affiliated with any social media site. To be featured or find out more about having your giveaways promoted please contact Nichole at MommybyNurture(at)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Scott 1000 Bonus Packs at Select Sam's Clubs!! When Have I Ever Needed Extra? #get100extra

Sam's Club right now has Scott® 1000 bonus packs, which come with 100 extra sheets, because there are always times when you might need extra, like when we had our youngest son's 1st birthday cake-smash, or when we've had to mop up (instead of crying over) spilt milk!

You can grab a Sam's Club Membership and check out your online listings to find Scott® 1100 Packs at a Sam's Club near you!

You can get a $5 Rebate, too, and make this an even better savings!

I headed to my local Sams club, today and picked up mine, and it was so easy and quick to find! 

Soft on bums, and on your wallet! Head online or in store to get yours, today and share with us on social media: #get100extra! 

Go forth, and get more! What are you waiting for?