Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Atopic dermatitis in babies and use of Betaderm

Eczema is a chronic disease often affecting children. It is caused due to various environmental and genetic factors. Medical professionals are still not quite sure what causes it but as it is with many other conditions, hereditary factor plays an important role. Besides dry skin, atopic dermatitis is also followed by appearance of eczema which is characterized by red, dry and scaly patches of skin that are enormously itchy. This illness affects 10 to 15 percent of babies.

Like many other allergic illnesses, atopic dermatitis is constantly on the rise. It is very common for developed and urban environments. You! Drugstore team believes that changes in our environment are the most likely cause for this. Some of the children will also suffer from other allergic diseases such as asthma. In some cases, irritant that is causing eczema will lead to development of other conditions at the same time. When it comes to babies, common symptoms of eczema are wet and yellow patches of skin appearing on top of the head, cheeks and bottom. Older children are experiencing a bit different issues such as dry skin that is scaling as well as thick, uneven and dry skin. Buy Betaderm online to treat all of these problems.

Have in mind that this disease can come in various forms. We can differentiate:

  • Contact dermatitis (caused through direct contact with various irritants in our midst)
  • Photodermatitis (common for individuals sensitive to light)
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (caused by fungus Malassezia)
  • Neurodermatitis (affects nerve ending bellow skin)

As a primary treatment, doctors will recommend avoiding problematic substances. Have in mind that contact dermatitis is the most common form. Because of this, patient will need to determine what causes the problem. After identifying the culprit, it is possible to avoid that matter. Unfortunately, certain substances are really common for our environment. This makes treatment that much harder to perform.

Besides avoiding allergens, patient can change his diet. It has been discovered that large quantities of vitamins A, C and E as well as zinc and Omega-3 acids, can have enormous effect on treatment of the patient. Mild cosmetic products (preferable natural ones) should be used for bathing the baby. Most of the chemicals used in cosmetic industry and for cleaning products can prove to be enormously strong for infants. As such, they can lead to severe dermal reaction.

Many parents prefer using medicines to treat this issue. Have in mind that Betaderm has provided excellent results when it comes to treating symptoms of dermatitis like redness, itching and swelling. Medicine is used for skin, it comes in a form of a cream and it is a corticosteroid. Entire treatment lasts for up to two weeks. If the baby doesn’t show progress by that time, it is necessary to consult the doctor. Cream is used 1 to 3 times per day. It shouldn’t be put on face, groin or underarms. When used around diaper area, it shouldn’t be tightened or covered by artificial materials. Furthermore, if baby has skin issues, it is best if you use cotton diapers.

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