Saturday, 10 October 2015

Donations matter!

Every year, around this time, we attend a Peace March and get together, which is a great way to spread a positive message to the community and to also unwind and have a great day with friends and family. 

Every year there is a "free shop", which allows people to donate goods or receive goods, too! I always take over the clothes from my children from the past year and this year is going to be no exception! Today, Bronson and I spent a couple of hours going through SO MANY clothes from everyone in our household and have bags and bags for donations from coats to covers and back again! 

We also sorted out a couple of bags for the local church, too, as they are having a donations collection and distribution in the coming weeks, too! All in all, we ended up with about 6 full bags of clothes, shoes and accessories, with blankets and coats as well!


I am very please with my little minion for helping me out, today AND for the incredible amount of space this frees up to fill over the next year! I hope someone, somewhere can benefit from the things we've donated, and who knows, maybe we'll find a treasure of our own! 

 Have a wonderful weekend, wherever it takes you!

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