Monday, 26 October 2015

Hot Pockets Snack Bites - Make Your Halloween!

Hot Pockets Snack Bites are new and tasty! I've tried them and so I know - they are also very hard to come by where I live because everyone else seems to think they're pretty tasty, too and it took me a while to find them! 

BUT! Here they are, in all their glory, and I gave them a try last night! 

There are several flavors, but I managed to get Hickory Ham and Cheddar, plus Pepperoni Pizza, but you can also get Cheesy Beef Nacho and Four Cheese! 

I love what they've done with a flaky crust and that they can cook in the oven, nice and easy, in no real big time at all, or in the microwave for something incredible like just a minute! You hardly have to wait, at all! 

In fact, these would be great if you are having last-minute guests over, if you have a microwave and want to throw a few in it and be ready in a shake! 

Having Halloween party, this year - just grab a bag, pop them on a cookie sheet or baking tray and place them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven and temperature, and VOILA! Snacks for everybody in a timely fashion! 

Going out this year, trick or treating?! Why not heat up a few of these Hot Pockets Snack Bites to fuel up before you go, or to simply eat on the way out of the door!?

I gave these to my children, last night, and they went down incredibly well, even with the oldest, who is now (and forever shall be) a picky eater who will definitely let me know if he doesn't like something, which (in this instance) was not the case at all!

You can serve up the snack bites with veggies and other sides, or, if you are having that Halloween Party after all then lay them out on a plate with a dip or two and let your guests tuck in! They would even make for a great little snack tray for trick or treaters when they come knocking, if they would prefer a quick snack instead of the traditional candy! 

We love them in our house and the votes were unanimous! Hot Pockets Snack Bites are just what snack time ordered and I recommend giving them a go and picking some up, just in time for the Halloween festivities, which are right around the corner! 

Tried some? I'd love to know what you thought!! 

You can pick up Hot Pockets in your local grocery store and you can follow the brand on Twitter and Facebook, respectively! 


Disclaimer: I was provided with coupons for money off of Snack Bites, to try and test these our for myself. No other monetary compensation was given and my opinions are entirely my own. Your views may differ! Thank you!


Mary Madalene said...

My girls love hot pockets. Honestly if I wasn't a good cook this is what they would probably eat all the time. But I was taught by a very good cook to, my father. My girls love to have these for a snack around 7ish about an hour before they go to sleep. It keeps them full longer then an apple or cheese and crackers.

Scott said...

We're fans of hot pockets also, but haven't seen these yet. Keeping an eye out for them!

Ronnie E. said...

My boyfriend loves the pizza ones! I prefer them in the oven, though because they come out crunchy and it really adds to the flavor.

Go Bronson! said...

Ronnie - that is how I prefer them, too, and haven't owned a microwave for about 6 years, now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my oldest son is going to love these. He would eat nothing but Hot Pockets if I would let him - I will have to surprise him with the snack ones.

Mommy 2 J.A.M. said...

MY middle one loves hot pockets and so he would totally get a kick out of the mini bites. that is so cute and I am sure tasty

Liz Mays said...

I totally love this idea (for me). I am crazy about Hot Pockets, but just a bite is enough!