Thursday, 22 October 2015

Magformers Review! #MGBHGG

Here is another must-have on your Holiday Gift List, this year - MAGFORMERS! 

These are little magnetic shapes, that join together to make shapes and models of all sizes, which is only limited by your own imagination!

We have this 27 piece set, which comes with several diagrams for building your own little cars and other builds, with cards to place on the table or as backgrounds for scenery to play with your newly built creations!

Good from 3 years and up, these are PERFECT for my 4 year old little girl, who is home schooled and has a lust for life and learning that I enjoy feeding and expanding on, and with Magformers she is able to put her creativity into action without getting frustrated at little pieces or worrying that she can't disassemble and rebuild without getting a little stuck.

Magformers are great for little fingers and are fun for all ages - even mom and dad can join in the fun as each piece effortlessly taps together and forms something new! I actually had a lot of fun with these, myself, and could sit here for hours playing with them, so imagine how much fun children are having!

There is no mess, no glue, no tiny pieces to lose, no wrong way of building and almost completely frustration-free!

Kids can learn colors, shapes, sizes, math and all-sorts with creative play that comes with Magformers and the possibilities are endless!

Magformers can be found HERE and also followed on TWITTER and FACEBOOK respectively!

I am giving these a big 10/10 because they are everything I could hope to get in a toy and so much more! That is why they easily make it into our Holiday Gift Guide for 2015, which you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #MGBHGG!

Get snapping!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the product shown in order to form my honest opinion. All views are my own and yours may differ. Thank you! I was not otherwise monetarily compensated for this post.

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NikkiNicole said...

OMG!!!Thank you so much for reviewing these!I've never heard of them before & am ALWAYS on the lookout for something different for my kiddos.Like you I homeschool both my kids.My oldest is 4 & LOVES to build things.I think he'd get a huge kick out of these since it's building his own car!