Monday, 26 October 2015

The Walking Dead - S6 E3 - Thank You! SPOILERS!


Last night, The Walking Dead picked up where the first episode left off and we see Rick and his group of minions running around like headless chickens trying to get back to Alexandria!

Michone's group break out and try to get ahead of the hoard and end up stuck in an abandoned town, don't do all the things they should do to stay safe, lock themselves in a store and wait for doom to reach them.

In the process, several people that we've never taken any notice of before, die! THEN! comes THAT death that EVERYONE on the Internet is talking, screaming and crying about, this morning.,, GLENN!

BUT! Did he REALLY die or are the writers messing with us?! Well, honestly I'd like to think that Glenn would go out a little better than that! It is SO beneath the death that the character would deserve that I didn't even feel anything at all about it!

Nicholas, who we love to hate, clearly was a no brainer to go, eventually, but to take Glenn out with him unintentionally? I don't know about that - maybe GLENN should soon be saying THANK YOU! to Nicholas, when he magically survives this crazy influx of zombies and escapes what looks like his death-scene, which I am highly convinced that it was not!


Well, for one thing, since when do intestines roll out of someones shoulder, how is there no blood in Glenn's mouth if he's being ripped open, and where was Steven on The Talking Dead?

When Glenn fell, Nicholas landed on top of him - alright, they landed at the wrong angle for the last shot, there, and it wasn't right, everything was off about this entire scene. I can't decide whether somewhere along the line there is an hallucination happening or if Glenn is about to escape under the dumpster, if someone is going to be up on a rooftop to save him in a similar way HE saved Rick, or if Glenn really is toast and the writers just game him the lamest death in the history of The Walking Dead - and they wouldn't do that to Glenn, would they!?

I guess we'll have to wait until next week, or even the week after, to really find out, but we didn't really SEE him dead on the ground so in The Walking Dead universe, he isn't DEAD, DEAD, not just yet! So, there is hope!

What about the rest of the episode?!

Well, Daryl is eager to rush back to Alexandria, but what exactly is he rushing back for!? Is he going back to help because of people he cares about OR does he finally except Alexandria as the possibility of having a decent home experience and just doesn't want to be out there on his own again? I think it is a bit of both, but he eventually goes back to help with the walkers instead, like a good little kitten!

Meanwhile! Rick is out on his own, kicking ass and taking names - or cuts to his hand! Nope, he wasn't bitten, I think he just did himself a good turn when he tried to get that blade out of the walker, though the fact the Rick shouldn't have a hand by now is one of those comic book/ TV show things that no one wants to speak about, and may or may not ever happen - but likely not, this is probably an homage to it!

The attack on the camper was, for me, the most intense part of the episode because Andrew Lincoln's acting just gets better and better every week and he really seemed to be full of dread when that attack came out of nowhere! Well played, for sure!

And so, here we are, 3 episodes in and I am genuinely impressed, so far! Aside from that very first episode , which seemed to waste far too much time, I think this season is making its way on the fast train and we've got to keep up!

The only questions I had this week were:

Where IS Tobin?
Why didn't Michone put her blade through the guy with the note?
Why didn't Michone at least TAKE the note!
Were the people attacking Rick, the people who Morgan let go? If so, shame on you, Morgan!


Guess we'll find out...soon...

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