Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Walking Dead - JSS (spoilers)

I know, I was gone ALL WEEK! I took my kids to their wellness check appointments at the Dr's on Monday last week and must have picked something up and gotten sick as a dog, which put me out of action!

Thankfully, I am fine, now! Phew! 

I managed to catch The Walking Dead, Season 6. episode 2, on Sunday, and I am SO glad I tuned in because I wasn't going to after the crawl of a start the show gave us in the opener, last week! 

Sunday's ep was almost comparable to the Season 5 opener, with Carol being her big, bad-ass, self in what looked like an almost assassin-like outfit - Carol, master of disguise, using the zombies own blood against them to allude them in S5x01, and now using the intruders outfits against them as she just walks right up to them and BOOM!

Any episode that is Carol centric is just about to bust the show out of the window and keeps me on the edge of my seat in a way that most of the other regular cast just doesn't! Maybe it is because she is just one of the most genuine and "normal" people left on the show that we have just grown with and learnt to love and admire - plus, she is clearly doing all the things that people SHOULD be doing during the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Morgan, on the other hand! I am feeling such a dislike for that I am just disappointed beyond belief that they bought him back, at all, but I know it is necessary as it seems they're counter-balancing him and Carol as two sides of the same coin! Carol has to kill but doesn't want to and Morgan won't kill but realises he HAS to, or SHOULD. We all thought he was back for Rick, but it looks like he's more of a match for Carol story lines and who knows where it will all cross. 

This was a WELL thought out episode, with a minimal cast, lots of action and a final chance for Carol to shake off those housewife shackles and show everyone what she is really made of! 

I can see why they opened with last weeks episode, because it really set the tone for the second episode, but honestly, that Season 6 premier could have been a good half an hour shorter for that! 

Well done for keeping me on the edge of my seat through this week's ep, though! I thought for sure that one of our favorites was going to get the axe, but I guess this was just a warm up! 

Speaking of warm-up, Carol sure did time that dish in the oven, just right and it goes to show that the blood, guts and gore are really just another part of daily life, now, no matter where you live or what you have and Carl just pops that food out of the oven like it is just another day! 

One thing I found interesting in this ep is that the people being killed were not zombies, but people against people! They really have moved to a point where it really does come down to us, or them, and the "them" of it is EVERYONE, not just the undead. 

I don't really know where it is all going, but I am certainly tuning in for episode 3! You ALMOST lost me there for a moment, Walking Dead, but you redeemed yourself and so much win for our Queen Carol! 

Questions I have from this ep include:
  • What does JSS mean? (you'll know if you caught the note, to Carl near the end)
  • Where was Enid going, is she just so scared to lose anyone else she might get attached to that she's off before someone else takes people away or is there more to it? 
  • How does Carl keep his hair so smooth - and why are his layers so short?
  • What was in the bag Morgan was carrying when he passed Carol at the end? 
  • Where in the heck is Rick's group?! That truck horn went off early on in the episode, they're sure taking their time! 
  • What now, for the big old horde of zombie-folk headed towards Alexandria? 
  • Is Aaron going to blame himself? 
  • Are people FINALLY going to wake up to the reality of life, now? 

Roll on next Sunday! 

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