Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dancing Moon Coffee Company Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee! #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with product in order to give my honest, unbiased opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you! 


We have a lot of coffee lovers in our reader-base and I know you will all appreciate Dancing Moon Coffee Company coffee as a gift for the holiday season and should consider gifting it to others, too!

The Dancing Moon Coffee Company website has described the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe whole bean coffee as: "hugely fragrant and spicy with occasional hints of citrus and blueberries. And that’s just the beginning. Sweeter caramel and chocolate flavors start to develop as the cup cools down. Here’s a coffee that’s definitely fit for a king." - and I certainly agree! 

There is something incredibly gratifying when you grind your own coffee beans, I am not even sure why, but I much prefer whole beans over powder or grinds in a bag. I like the process of making and measuring out the coffee and then the smell, wafting through the house as the coffee brews in the pot - I don't drink caffeine so much now and so I do usually stick to decaf now, but I like a regular cup once in a while, and so getting a taste of the Dancing Moon coffee was a little treat for me, and a lot of a treat for everyone else in my household, who love their coffee even more than I ever could! 

I found the aroma to be soft and lightly fragrant and the dark roast really makes the coffee appetising to me before even taking a sip. I don't drink caffeine often, I usually drink decaf, but I tried this coffee to see what it was all about and it is such a wonderfully smooth and not-too-bitter tasting coffee, which is how I like it. I enjoyed the softness of it and the flavor was bountiful and I can say that I think this particular taste is up there in my top 3!

My oldest son thought that the coffee was "delicious" and wanted the whole pot to himself, which would be a little extreme for anyone, even though he is an adult! We shared a cup of coffee each over a chat and talked it over and we both liked it enough to give it a 2-thumbs up!

I would definitely recommend picking up this blend, and checking out the other coffees offered at the Dancing Moon website. The coffee is Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic and boasts a 3 times more antioxidants than those in green tea! As a wonderful extra bonus, 5% of every purchase is donated to the Semper Fi fund, to aid wounded and critically ill members of all of the U.S. Armed Forces, which means your purchase keeps on giving. 

You can find Dancing Moon Coffee Company on Facebook to catch up on what they have to offer, and to take a leap on a great cup of coffee! 


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