Sunday, 1 November 2015

RoosterFin Games: Monkey's Up and Mohawkz Games Review!

Disclaimer: I was provided with games featured in this post in order to cast my thoughts and to write up a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and your views may differ, thank you!


If you are looking to put some games on your Christmas List this year then here are a couple of wonderful games, which are easy to learn and fun to play, straight from RoosterFin Games!

First up, we have Mohawkz, which is a simple game, with 6 balls, which look like faces with mohawkz for hair cuts!

The idea of the game is that each person has a set of 2 balls and takes it in turns to bounce each ball on the table and into the winning slot. Each person gets a point for each ball that goes in and the game continues until someone has 7 points.

The kids had a blast playing this game, even though it was a little tricky to get the ball to bounce in at first, they got the hang of it in the end and everyone had fun laughing when their shots didn't quite go according to plan!

It was a close game and Autumn won with a 7 to 6 score and she was pretty pleased with those results! No one got hurt, the game lasted several minutes and it got everyone up out of their chairs and so this is definitely a game we could get behind over and over again and keeps the kids attention!

Monkey's Up! Is another RoosterFin game, where each player gets 3 monkeys and each player takes it in turn to roll the dice and either steal another player's monkey, switch out monkeys or FLIP a monkey over!

Each of the monkeys have different values on the bottom and the aim of the game is to end up with the monkey's with the largest total combined points! 

This game lasts several minutes and forces the players to observe the numbers on the table, to look at math problems and to make decisions on who to take from or which monkey to switch out or flip over!

Once one player has flipped all of their monkeys, the game ends and the winner is the player who ended up with the biggest total. You could adapt the game to play how you like it and you will keep the kids entertained as they'll want to play again against one another to make up their game!

As it happens, Autumn won THIS game, as well and she knew she was on a winning streak!!

All in all I am so thrilled with these games! They suit just about everyone and they don't drag out too long and so everyone stays engaged! The games are brightly packaged and well explained and the children learn and have fun at the same time!

These are most definitely on this year's Holiday Gift List and you will be able to see more on our Holiday Gift Guide tab at the top of our blog, and by following #MGBHGG on Twitter!

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Michael Lambert said...

Sounds like a neat game for the kids. We are trying to find fun and exciting games for my family to play with my 4 year old.