Sunday, 22 November 2015

SunRidge Farms Snacks Look-See! #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with samples to review in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views might change! Thank you! 

SunRidge Farms recently sent me a selection of yummy snacks to try out, which are perfect for holiday get-togethers and those snack trays and treats you want to leave out on the table for family and friends as they swing by with holiday cheer and seasons greetings!

I tried out some:
  • Chocolate Covered Cranberries 
  • Green Tea Vanilla Chai 
  • Almonds Pecan Halves 
  • Caramel Toffee Nut Mix
The Milk Chocolate Cranberries were right up my husband's alley, so to speak! He loves cranberries and so do my children who are cranberry fiends! Who wouldn't love chocolate covered cranberries, really? Even I loved them and I am not a huge cranberry fan when they're on their own, though add a little chocolate and everyone is a winner!

My personal second favorite was the Chai Vanilla Almonds! They were smooth and tasted with a moorish, munchy, give-me-the-whole-packet-now kind of vibe! Very good on their own, as a side snack or on the go, just be careful because everyone will want you to share! They're great!

The Pecans are my number 1 top dog of all the snacks! I can't get enough of them and will truly eat them with just a nibble or a handful or in cakes, on cakes, in oatmeal, on pies, you name it I want to eat them all day, so this was he perfect bag for me and I would go back for more any time!

The Caramel Toffee Nut Mix was gobbled up by the entire family pretty quickly, too, so it is easy to say that these were delightful and extremely well received! They are sweet and crunchy, chewy and nutty, just the right amount of mix and tastes to keep your taste buds ticking over with pecans, cashews, caramel, chocolate AND peanut butter! 

I would certainly leave any of the above out for a Santa gift this year, or pop some in your stockings as gifts in their own right! 

By buying SunRidge Farms you are buying a product that has respect for its environment and provide organic and natural foods, which you can rely on and which taste great! 

Check SunRidge Farms out on Facebook and at their website for more snack inspirations and yummy treats! 

Also keep an eye on our Holiday Gift Guide on Twitter with hashtag #MGBHGG! 


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