Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Walking Dead, Season 6: Episode 5!

I can't actually fathom how we are on to episode 5, already, but here we are!

What a dull and boring episode this one was, with a rubbish teenage angsty girl-fight between "Coorall" and his arch nemesis, who now seems to be up to something, which probably means he's going to get himself into a lot of trouble in the process!

Rick magically made his way back to Alexandria and we have no idea how, so we just have to assume he ran all the way after simply avoiding the walkers back at the van.

Then there's no sign of anyone we care about, Maggie seems to have gone nuts and can't even speak in her own accent anymore (I know the actress has an English accent in real life, but still...) and then we find out she's not just nuts, but that she's pregnant, too, which is a whole other level of crazy!

Then there's Shrodinger's Glenn, still out in the wilderness being eaten or saved, who knows but he is both alive and dead and there isn't a darn thing we can do about it!

That kiss. Saw it coming a mile away, and I'm not convinced it will become anything more, but we all know that if you love someone on TV then one of the two has to go eventually!

Half of Alexandria is gone now, Deanna is completely crazy and her boy is a good old step to the bottle away from eating all the cookies.

Speaking of cookies, Jesse's cookies must be a whole lot worse than Carol's if no one even wants to walk down 10 steps for them!

Rick doesn't care about Jesse's cooking, either, but that's another story!

Next week, on the Dead and the Restless....'

Let us hope for some action and a resolution  to some of the bits and pieces currently still up in the air!

Onwards, and upwards!!

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