Saturday, 19 December 2015

AccuReflief Wireless Remote Control TENS Machine! #mgbhgg

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give you my unbiased and honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine, thank you! 

This is the AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS machine, which is electrotherapy pain relief for muscle and joint pain, uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation!

This is a simple, small, portable and wireless device that can be targeted to the area in which you're feeling pain and can stimulate those areas and effectively "shut off" the pain signals. 

I used a TENS machine when I was in labor and oh my gosh, it helped immensely! I have always thought they were the bees knees and have gushed about them ever since as they really do work wonderfully if placed in the right area and used for the correct purpose. 

I too suffer from chronic back problems, which can be brought on by doing the most simplest of tasks like vacuuming or standing in one spot for long periods of time, like when washing the dishes!
I have bouts of bad back aches and spasms in my lower back, for which I have found this particular TENS machine to be of use, especially in my lower back area!

As this one is wireless, I am not tripping over myself or pulling at anything to get the areas I aim for, or the controls I need to power the device, which is a huge bonus when you want to continue to do things at home or out on the go as life rarely stops because you have pain - you mostly have to grin and bare it - not this time!

This is a powerful and effective pain relieve tool, which is available without a prescription, and used as an alternative method of pain relief as apposed to medication. It is still worth visiting your doctor or having a consultation to see if you need medical assistance before trying this device, but well worth a try if you have the option to do so!

For further information, you can visit the website, here! You can pick these up on Amazon, at Walmart and other good retailers, too!

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If you have tried these, before, I would so love to hear from you!

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Grace Adams said...

I have heard of wireless remote control TENS machine. I would love to use it on my upper back/shoulders where I carry all my tension! This sounds like it's worth trying, and good article! Thanks!!