Saturday, 19 December 2015

As Seen on TV: Car Valet

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my unbiased and honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine! 

This is the As Seen on T.V. Car Valet!

I had the chance to try it out, in our car, and I do like it a lot, it does give you extra space and lets you store things like phones, pens, gadgets etc in the cup holders if you have little to no space in the tub next to your seat!

The Car Valet can be a huge bonus if you, like my husband, have to drive around with cans of drink and other things that keep your day going strong and you don't want to throw things on the floor or around the car!

The only problem is, the Car Valet isn't so well suited when you want to have a passenger in the car, too! Fitting my butt in the car, knocks the cup holder and isn't a comfortable ride or fit and it has to be taken out of the car when someone else wants to sit - it also doesn't fit so well in the space between the seat and console when the passenger has longer legs (like me) and has to push the seat all the way back!

However, if you are driving a bigger car, with more space, then the Car Valet could be better for you, than it is for us, in ours. There just isn't enough space to make it viable in our car, at the front.

The Car Valet is pretty decent in the back of the car, though! If you'd like to load it with pens and pencils or toys for the kids to keep them entertained, and we do have several children who would rather not get bored on longer trips and so for this reason we can make use of the Car Valet in the back!

If my husband is driving alone, the Car Valet is perfect for the front of the car, creates more space and really does help out, but it has to be moved every time anyone wants to ride along, and so for that reason, we would rather just keep it in the back!

I do think the idea is great, I think the product is sound, but I think it is best suited to lone drivers or bigger cars with the space to hold the Car Valet without having it come out or get knocked about.

I do think you should give it a shot and see if it is right for you, and let me know how it turns out! It could make for a nice present for the lone commuter with a lot of gadgets, or for the person who has everything!

The Car Valet is available at Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as online!

Let me know if you've tried one! I'd love to hear from you!

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