Sunday, 20 December 2015

Face Cleanser from TOILETTREE for Christmas! #mgbhgg

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in return for my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you!

This is a facial brush skin cleansing system, from ToiletTree Products, which comes with 2 facial brushes, a body brush and a pummice stone - it also comes with batteries, so there is no need to purchase them separately, either, which is a huge bonus!

The brush system is easy to set up - you just pick the brush you want to use, attach it and make sure you've put in the batteries and you are ready to go. 

I recently started to get really fine lines and wrinkles and decided to step up my game when it comes to my skin. I don't wear make-up too often and I don't put too much on my skin in general, but I do like the feeling of a freshly scrubbed face, which is essentially what this brush does on a deeper level than just with a regular flannel. 

I like to use face scrubs and masks but this eliminates the need for all of that, overall. Just pick your favorite facial cleanser and pick your brush from one of 2 (soft and medium) brushes and apply gently to your face as instructed. Use the bigger brush for all over body cleansing and the pumice for your feet and you have a total body cleanse, too!

The Cleanser stimulates skin renewal, makes skin feel smooth and deep cleans! When using moisturisers and a good regimen you can improve your overall appearance with regular use!

Available in several colors, this would make a great Christmas gift for anyone! Find them online, HERE and pop one under your tree! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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Happy cleansing!

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