Saturday, 19 December 2015

Magic Bullet for ALL Your Gifting Needs This Christmas! #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in return for my honest and unbiased opinions. Your views may differ from mine! Thank you!

Magic Bullet!

The Magic Bullet has been around for years, yet seems to grow in popularity even now! I have one and it is one of the most used gadgets in my kitchen!

I use it for iced smoothies, as the Magic Bullet crushes up ice so well that it doesn't leave great big chunks in my blended drink. I also use it for making quick salsa, spaghetti sauce, cheese sauces, just about any soups, shakes and even some batters can be made ridiculously quickly with the Magic Bullet!

Just gather your ingredients, throw them in, add your liquids and then press the top down to blend - voila! You've got yourself a cold smoothie, a blended soup or salsa in seconds! Just the way I like it!

I love that it makes ice cold smoothies, from frozen fruits, effortlessly! This means I can stock up on the frozen goodies and not have to worry about all my fruits going bad if I want them to keep for the smoothies and so forth!

The Magic Bullet can work wonders for creamy desserts, thick sauces and sweet treats, just like this yogurt blend that has a lot of fruits mixed in and makes a sweet, cold dessert right out of the Magic Bullet in seconds! The kids love the food, there are fruits and veggies all the way through and no one puts up a fight when they taste the goodness!

I absolutely recommend getting a Magic Bullet for the cook, smoothie lover, dessert maker and party host in your life, as well as just about everyone else, too! The Magic Bullet is one of the most useful tools to have in the kitchen, in my opinion! I have used it almost every day since I got one!

At under $40 a pop, the Magic Bullet is a very well priced and very well received kitchen accessory that anyone without one is going to love to receive this Christmas, which is why the Magic Bullet wings its way into out Holiday Gift Guide with ease!

For more information, and how to buy, visit the website, here!

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Please let me know how you feel about Magic Bullet and if you've ever tried one! I love hearing your thoughts on everything I share, too!

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Relax, and enjoy!


Heather Pfingsten said...

We have a Magic Bullet and absolutely LOVE it! From baby food to smoothies and we have even used it after stomach surgeries that required specific food consistencies. Seriously, this product is so versatile, you can’t go wrong. Love, love, LOVE!

kat b said...

I haven't tried the Magic Bullet before, but it sounds amazing. I love making smoothies! It sounds like it would be great for mixing all kinds of things.