Friday, 11 December 2015

Ozery Bakery, Making Grains Delicious and Fun! #mgbhgg

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to review for this blog post in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you.

Here are some fresh favorites that you can use to spruce up your breakfasts, lunch and sides when you have family and friends over across the holidays! 

The family-owned Ozery Bakery wants you to enjoy the best in grains with their delicious products from Snacking Rounds in sweet flavors like Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry Orange, to Thin Sandwich Buns and Ciabatta Bread!

The Cranberry Orange Snacking Rounds didn't last 5 seconds in our house! They were the favorite of everything we got to try and after they were lightly toasted and with a little spread on top, they were devoured by everyone from toddler to adult and they were asking for more!
I have been using the Ciabatta Bread and the Thin Sandwich Buns for Eggs in the morning and those have been well received, too! You can see one of my creations for the Sandwich Buns, HERE!

The Snacking Rounds and the Morning Rounds are delicious! They are like little pita breads with added gems like dates, apples, cranberries etc...they feel like you're eating something special and you know a lot of love and attention have gone into each of the products that the Ozery Bakery puts out! When it is a great product, you do just know it, and this is exactly what these are, GREAT - and like nothing I've ever had before, and I have tried a LOT of food in my lifetime!

Below is a short video, which explains why these work: These guys are committed and happy in their business and it shows! They love what they do and it comes through in the food that ends up on your plate, which is a huge bonus when they are heart-healthy, non GMO, no additives or preservatives and all around better for you! 

I can definitely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that these are some of the best bread products that I have come across and I would be happy if they were the only breads I every had to eat, again!

For more information on Ozery Bakery's full product lists and where you can buy, check out their website HERE! Also, find them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date! 

Most of all, Enjoy!

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