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Polaroid ZIP with ZINK Paper Is JUST What You NEED This Holiday Season! #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions. Your views may differ to mine, thank you! 

For anyone who loves a gadget, you are going to love this! In a world where we take billions of photos a day, but some how never seem to print anymore, here is the simple solution to releasing all of those fab snaps from the clutches of your mobile phone and out into the world!

This is the Polaroid ZIP and it is a small device which measures around about 5x3 inches, or there abouts, and comes in a couple of different colors and with ZINK paper, which stands for Zero Ink!

The device is quite light and a bit bigger than most mobile phones, but this isn't a phone and it isn't a camera, it is a printer that connects to your iOS or Android operating system and allows you to connect and print pictures wirelessly at your leisure!

The device is highly portable and runs up to about 25 prints when fully charged and only takes about 1.5 hours to charge in the first instance. This genius device is just what people like me, who enjoy photography and the photo in print, NEED and must have on the Christmas gift list this holiday season!

I have always been a huge fan of photography and I have gone through several older Polaroid cameras back in the day, plus every kind of film and then digital camera that I could lay my hands on, since, and there is just nothing like the instant gratification that Polaroid brings to the table when you decide you want a photo for your fridge, wallet or out of town relative!

In just a few minutes, I was able to assemble the paper ready to be used for printing, just as asked, with the barcoded paper face down! I installed the app on my android phone and then was able to view and edit a couple of photos and print them out, one at a time.

The photos are small, sure, but this doesn't detract from their desirability! In fact, it gives them with a quaint edge and they are perfect for when you need to appease relatives with new photos on the spot of the baby, toddler, teen, tween or family dog, whichever is the cutest in that moment - and whomever missed their school photo!

Just snap a pic on your phone or camera and load it to the device that you have installed the Polaroid app on and pair it with your Polaroid ZIP! Access the control panel for the app and start selecting, altering and displaying the pics and print them out as you go along for instant, great results!

There are 10 pieces of ZINK paper in a pack and that is more than enough to get the juices flowing for more pictures of just about anything you can think of - you can edit and create with the photos, too and you can have little masterpieces that you are going to adore for a long while to come!

Tonight I printed out 10 of my favourite photos from the last few months, including a couple of collages I made with a different app, though it is possible to make your own through the Polaroid app, too!

Photography, in print, is NOT dead! Far, far, from it!!

Not only was the process easy as pie, but it was SO quiet that I printed them off at 2am and it woke absolutely nobody up from their slumber while sleeping the other side of my room! This Polaroid ZIP is quiet, fast and delightful and there is no other way to describe it!

I found zero problems or set-backs with the ZIP except for the fact that I could have used a lot more ZINK packets because I am now dying to see all of my photos back in print, again, instead of floating around in the big old cloud!!

I love the idea behind the Polaroid Zip and I love what it can do - the only con I have been able to find is that it is not compatible with Windows phone, just yet, and of course my mail phone happens to be a windows phone, which is a darn shame! My son, however, does have an android phone and so I was able to borrow his for the sake of this review!

I printed out all 10 mini photos in minutes and they now are ready to be hung. I think the Polaroid ZIP gives us a taste of the good old days in a neat little modern and more affordable package, with instant gratification still all the rage and with photos at your fingertips if you'd like to share!

Overall, I give this a big 9 out of 10, which would have been a solid 10 if the paper that came with it had been a little bit more than 10 pieces, but 10 pieces is surely enough to have a little fun - even when turning yourself into magazine covers or giving yourself a pop of color or a pretty border using the Polaroid mobile printing app!!

Have you tried a Polaroid ZIP? What do you think?? I absolutely love it and that is why it is in our Holiday Gift Guide this season, and rightly so! Please follow our gift guide on social media with hashtag #mgbhgg and at the tab, above!

You can find more information on Polaroid on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to stay up to date with the latest news!

Happy printing!

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