Thursday, 3 December 2015

Unilever Ice Cream Brands for Holiday Drinks and Treats THIS SEASON! Mix It Up!!

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Ice Cream is not just for summer, it is for desserts, holiday treats and indulgences all through the year and with some delicious concoctions waiting to be put together and served up to impress all of your winter guests and for all those family gatherings!

Some of you favorites Unilever Ice Cream Brands, including: Breyers, Fruttare, Good Humor, Klondike, and Popsicle are ready to help you make the perfect cold coctail, mocktail or dessert - even a hot chocolate treat that your taste buds are going to fall in love with!

You can use Popsicle's Fudge Pops for hot chocolate and whipped cream OR Mint Chocolate Mocktini's, which just look to-die-for, as you can see: 

You can find the recipe for the Mocktinis by visiting HERE!

Don't forget that you can simply open up and serve your favourite Gelato, or Ice Cream and tuck in with a spoon - pair with pies, cakes or other warm desserts, too!! 

You can turn some ice cream into a topping for any holiday dessert and you can use the holiday flavors to spice up your Christmas table, or simply serve a Klondike Kandy Bar on its own, to the side, or with a warm cup of hot cocoa!!

Here is my favourite, which I just can't get enough of, and which you can use for the mocktinis, too!

Pick up ALL of your favourites and try them blended with milk for a thick shake - Magnum's Double Peanut Butter is a HUGE winner in our house for this! Just a little milk and ice cream with a cream topping and a straw and the entire family is in absolutel heaven!

The bonus is you can buy these at all great grocery stores and you can pick them up any time of year! I would SO love to see your ice cream creations and would LOVE to make a fair few more of these, myself!! Let me know what you've got in mind, and take some to your next holiday shindig and be the life of the party!! Everyone is going to love you!


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