Monday, 18 January 2016

Fire and Ice Fest, Reading, PA! 2016

There is a big fire and ice festival that takes part in Reading, P.A., every year, which attracts a large number of people to the city for a fun-filled couple of days of both fire, and ice!

With events held at the new DoubleTree Hotel, with a "Snow Ball", a Chili Cook-Off at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, there are also live ice carvings that happen on Penn St. and around the area, with fire displays, too AND additional art and craft works presented in conjunction at the Goggle Works on Washington St., too!

The event seemed to go off without a hitch, this year, though I missed the majority of it because my daughter wasn't feeling too well, and so I passed by briefly to take a gander at some of the amazing works of art that get shawn out of the ice blocks neatly placed around Penn St. 

This year they had a giant slide that people could use and carvings of a giant ice chair, for photos, and various smaller works around the city. I particularly loved the Pagoda sculpture that was in mid-creation at the time I saw it, and in the light it looked magnificent! 

The event usually has live music and supporting mini-events around the city and this year was no exception. The set up was well planned and plenty of timing in-between to let us all know, which made attendance even better! 

The event should be back, again, next year, but, until then, you might still be able to catch a few of the sculptures on Penn St. until they melt, this week, so do stop and admire them if you are on your way through! 

Job well done, everyone involved! It is nice to see the city jumping!

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