Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Game Day is Covered with Progresso Chili #progressogameday

"Game Day" is upon us and there is nothing I personally love more than a hot bowl of chili, which is a real go-to for me and the members of my family that enjoy it!

I love to make my own chili, but Progresso has taken all the work out of making one from scratch, with their chili pouches, which come in different flavors, to suit different tastes and just need to be heated and eaten! There is no prep to take on and all the work is done for you, by Progresso, who want you to enjoy the game, and your meal with as little fuss as possible!

If you want to make chili the go-to for ANY day, you can set up a bowl of chili per guest and an add-ins bar to the side, where they can choose from cheese, jalapeno peppers, hot spices, sour creams, nachos and more in as little or large quantities as they'd like!

I love to put lots of extra spice in my bowl, then top it off with some sour cream and a couple of jalapeno peppers! The sour cream takes some of the spice out a bit, but the combination of all three really finishes up the chili the way I like it, which is HOT!

If you have guests who don't want a whole bowl of chili, then let them use some as a dip for their nachos or even toast or buttered bread! Whatever they fancy, and whatever works for you!

The good thing about Progresso's chili is that you have less clean up, the packages can be recycled, you know just how many to buy according to how many guests you have, and if one guest doesn't turn up you can just keep the pouch for another day and nothing is wasted or stuck in the freezer!

Here is a quick dip idea with Smoke House Pork and beef with chili beans, with added black beans, onions, tomatoes and spices! Delicious hot, or cold!!

You can browse Progresso's Game Day pages for recipe ideas to make yours something hot! You've got it covered with Progresso chili and Game Day is ALL yours!


Share your Progresso™ Game Day moments. #ProgressoGameDay on social media, Progresso would LOVE to see what you've got!

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