Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Hateful Eight is GREAT!

I went to the cinema for the first time in years, over the weekend, and it wasn't to see the new Star Wars movie that everybody is talking about across social media, but to see Quentin Tarantino's new flick, The Hateful Eight!

It takes a LOT to get me to spend money on a movie, but this one had me from the moment I saw the cast, let alone had any idea of the script or anything else! This could have been a movie about 8 people sitting around a table in a white room being moody about life for all I minded, and I am sure it still would have been GREAT, but it was EVEN BETTER than that - it was a Western-type, philosophical, shoot-em-up, with every shred of Tarantino as you could expect to inject on to a screen!

The cast features the likes of Tarantino favorites: Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen and Samuel L. Jackson, mixed in with great actors like: Tim Roth, Demián Bichir (whom I wished had seen another season in The Bridge) and the ever charismatic Walton Goggins (who has been sorely missed from my screen since Justified ended in 2015!). Throw in Channing Tatum and Jennifer Jason Leigh and These Hateful Eight are a picture to behold!

This is everything you expect from a Tarantino movie in that there is some long dialogue, well thought out shots and scores, with a little of the unexpected and a slight, almost-twist at the end, a little more blood and gore than might have been necessary, but definitely a few gun-totin', gut-wrenching moments, which fly by even though the movie is about 3 hours long!

Jennifer Jason Leigh is superb as Daisy Domergue, prisoner to John "The Hangman Ruth" (Kurt Russell), who is bringing her in to hang, and a $10k bounty! They are running out of time to escape a blizzard and stop off at Minnie's Haberdashery, with a waggon full of men they picked up on the way, and more to be found at the Haberdashery, too! Paranoia runs high with John and he warns everyone off of his bounty, and that is where the fun begins!

With some slick dialogue, laugh-out-loud moments and subtle shout-outs to other Tarantino movies, this one has it all!

Money well spent, a sight to behold and a real cinematic treat!

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MikiHope said...

I don't go to the movies very often myself but the way you made this movie sound I think maybe I will make an exception. That is a star studded cast for sure!!