Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tropical Smoothie Cafe for Post Holiday Get Togethers and Treats! #DeliciousFoodTastesSmooth

I was provided with coupons so that I could review The Tropical Smoothie Cafe and my opinions are my own and yours may differ. I was not otherwise compensated. Thank you! 

I don't know about you, but I am so glad that the holidays are over, but the New Year can bring new connections and sometimes the opportunity to reunite with loved ones or long-lost friends and, what better way to reconcile than to head on out to eat at The Tropical Smoothie Cafe!?

I hadn't even heard of The Tropical Smoothie Cafe until just prior to Christmas, but I was delighted to find one about 30 minutes from our house, which we headed down to between Christmas and New Year, during a period of time when no one could stand cooking another meal or cleaning up again after a large gathering!

Not quite sure what to expect, the family, and a family friend, headed out to The Tropical Smoothie Cafe with some gift cards, to see just what they had to offer and we were not disappointed!

Not only were the staff friendly and the eatery clean, but it is nice to know that (contrary to what the name suggests) smoothies are NOT the only thing on the menu! In fact, The Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a plethora of smoothies from Chia Banana to "Immune Blast" but also boasts an ample supply of favorites like tacos, salads, sandwiches and flatbreads, vegetarian dishes, and sides AND even a kids menu so your little ones can eat well, too!

Kids can eat a satisfying Quesadilla or wrap, accompanied by a side and a smoothie with a fun name such as a Jetty Junior or a Chocolate Chimp (which is a personal favorite!) and both you and your children can get a great smoothie experience!

With meals available all through the day, such as different variants of egg wraps for breakfast and bold salads like Thai Chicken Salad and sandwiches like Turkey, Bacon Ranch or Ultimate Club, you are going to be in sandwhich heaven!

The Tropical Smoothie cafe knows that if you eat well, you feel better and they are commited to providing you with options that fit your years from vegetarian meals, to meals under 500 calories to keep you on track, even when you eat out - they even offer suppliments, like vitamin B-12, to give you a boost, too!

If you are not a lover of sandwiches and wraps, nor have a taste for delicious smoothies, then this might not be the place for you, but I am hooked on tacos, wraps and subs, I love a good salad and I could drink smoothies all day and so this is a place that suits me to a "T",  which I wish I had discovered sooner!

If you are looking for a post-holiday wind-down, or even a romantic meal for 2 when Valentines Day swings around in a few weeks, then The Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a place that I would highly recommend taking a trip to!

We left, after our meal, feeling like we had eaten well, and treated ourselves to a little sip of heaven, too! This is a place I could go just for the smoothies and a chat with a friend, or a full meal with family and I can't wait to do it, again!

You can visit The Tropical Smoothie Cafe website, for more information on locations, menu items and more, HERE!

You can also find The Tropical Smoothie Cafe across social media, too!!

I would love to hear from you if you have paid them a visit in the past, and would love to know what you think!!



Cyndie said...

I wish they would consider a location near me. I would love to try it.

Derian David said...

Would love to try this too!