Monday, 8 February 2016

See in Mardi Gras with Divining Rod Wines!

I was provided with product in return for my post. Opinions are my own and yours may differ! Thank you!

 Marc Mondavi turns water into wine with his Divining Rod Wines, which, when met with his keen ability to locate water with his Divining Rod skills, elevated a natural wine into a supernatural one founded on intuition, good taste and craftsmanship to boot!

With a wide variety of wines, including the 2014 Divining Rod Chardonnay, (SRP $14.99) and the 2013 Divining Rod Cabernet Sauvignon, (SRP $17.99) there is truly something to entice any palate and what better sentiment for a pairing than that of the festive Mardi Gras!

With Fat Tuesday bursting open the way for indulgence and celebration tomorrow before Lent begins on Wednesday, there's no better excuse for picking up a bottle  or two to share and enjoy the fun!

You can celebrate Mardi Gras with friends and family, or on your own, with festivities on T.V. from the comfort of your cozy couch! I plan to catch up with some fun through the day but also catch the NCIS:New Orleans Mardi Gras themed special, later in the v evening, too, which is when I plan to pop open my bottle of Divining Rod Chardonnay.

So, if you see not lucky enough to be down on the ground for Mardi Gras, in person, you are lucky enough to be able to pick up a bottle of Divining Rod wine to accompany the ride through the day/evening at home.

A magical touch on a mystical day, which I personally enjoy, especially with Divining Rod Wine right there besides me!

You can find more information about these wines at the main website, or follow on Twitter, HERE, to stay up to date, as well. 

Enjoy the celebrations, responsibly!

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