Thursday, 11 February 2016

Unilever Has Dessert Covered This Valentines Day!

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Valentine's day is coming and my daughter and I went out to buy some ice cream today from Unilever brands, which reflect the colors of love with pink Popsicles, red and pink ice cream with Breyers and Good Humor and plenty of chocolate in Kolondike Bars!

You really don't have to go to great lengths to bake and make desserts this, Valentine's, just pop open one of these bars or grab a bowl of of ice cream in a pretty shade of pink and you are good to go!

Even if you do bake a nice cake for the occasion, it is always yummy to have ice cream on the top, or to the side so why not indulge!?

I personally love the Strawberry Shortcake bars and would be so happy to share the love and ice cream, too!

Pick some up at your local grocery store, today and wow your loved ones with yummy treats this Valentine's Day!


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