Monday, 23 May 2016

World-Class Pediatric Care Close to Home, with CHOP at Virtua!

*Many thanks to CHOP at Virtua for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to seek out their services when my child is hurt or ill. Today’s post is sponsored by CHOP at Virtua, by my love for their pediatric care is all my own!

As a mother of 3 biological children (and 1 step child), I am quite well versed in some of the things that could happen throughout their lives, which might require some medical attention.  Consequently, I would do anything to make sure that each of our children are well cared for (should they fall ill), no matter what, because I want them all to receive the greatest quality in care as close to home as reasonably possible.

As a parent who also resides in the South Jersey region, I do feel very blessed to live so close to such high-end care since the partnership between Virtua and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) came into fruition 5 years ago.  Virtua, which has provided care for newborns, children and moms for many, many years, (and which has established a record of quality care in the past of its own accord) collaboratedwith CHOP in order to place some of their (CHOP’s) medical doctors in South Jersey, successfully expanding Virtua’s already plump and reputable program of care to each family who may one day need it, like mine.

Benefits of CHOP at Virtua:
•CHOP at Virtua services include: emergency care, in-hospital care, intensive care for
newborns and kids, sleep medicine, imaging/radiology including sedation when needed.
•CHOP doctors also interpret diagnostic test in cardiology, neurology and radiology.
•CHOP provides teleneurology support in Virtua’s emergency departments.
•CHOP’s Specialty Care Center is situated at the Virtua Voorhees Health and Wellness

CHOP at Virtua sits so easily within reach, where quality care is practically on your door-step and conveniently accessible to families in a time when it is most called for. With the pediatric emergency room and Level III NICU at Virtua Voorhees, plus the Level II Intensive Care Unit at Virtua Memorial, I feel confident that my children, and any future siblings, would be in great hands through this system along with CHOP in Philadelphia for the most difficult of times and perplexing medical conundrums that could one day face theirs or the next generation of our family.

I feel that we would be in good hands with CHOP at Virtua and my mind is rested knowing that they are only a step away, with some of the best medical staff we could hope to find, now and in times to come, right in our back yard!

For more information, and latest news, please check out #CHOPatVirtua on Instagram and Pinterest, (@Virtuahealth) and (@Childrensphila) on Twittter, with hashtag #CHOPatVirtua, too! Thank you!

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