Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Get Up and Rediscover Playtime This Summer With #Playfultrends IPEMA and The Voice of Play!

This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play. All opinions are my own, and your views may differ. 

Summertime is upon us and now is the time to make good use of the nice weather and get out and play, no matter how old you are - including mum and dad!

Play is highly important through all stages of life, no matter who you are, and it aids well-being, de-stresses us and opens our minds to new experiences and helps us learn through physical activity and in the moment creativity and exploration, too.

Experts at IPEMA and the Voice of Play have delved into the top most important kinds of play and discuss these on their website, where you can see the list of PLAYFul trends of the moment, including rough and tumble, outdoor play. walking, dodgeball, outdoor fitness and much, much more!

Personally, I walk a lot, and this could be all I need, but I do feel so much better after a day out at the park with our children, playing, climbing, paddling in the lake and generally just taking time out from the world around us to have a fun day and to just run around free as a child myself, on swings, with the rest of the family!

Our regular spot is a park with a river running through it, several climbing apparatus and a place to run and play with a ball, fish, wade, laugh and play. We also love to go off on adventures with other mum's and their kids for outings to the arboretum, museum, fairs, festivals and anything free, fun and energetic in our area to entertain us all.

There is never an age for which I feel you need to turn off play time and I would encourage more people to get up and get outside this summer (and all the year around, when possible) to put a spring in your step and to bring yourself some joy in the moment, while keeping active, too.

Whether you are a fitness fiend, a park pirate, walking wonder or swimmer of lakes, you can be sure to find more inspirational ideas to keep you going this summer by following @Voice_of_Play on social media, with hashtag #playfultrends and share your experiences and stories about how you like to get in your play time!

I would love to hear your thoughts on playtime for everyone, and suggestions on free outdoor play, this summer...

Get up, get active, and play!

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